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In this age of paid advertising, content marketing is seen as the most crucial and futuristic form of marketing by brands and marketers. The content is no longer relative, it has become a Kingdom.

New trends and strategies are coming into play with the evolution of marketing technology and tools to attract, engage, and convert consumers.

Here we have listed the best content marketing tips for 2020 that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy and reap the benefits.

1. Addressing Marketing Goals 7 Goals

The first tip is to always remember your content marketing goal and goals when creating and sharing content. Your content should be unique and interesting, but it should revolve around business.

This will help to conduct effective, results-based content marketing that leads to the achievement of your goals. Deviation and irrelevance of objectives will only lead to a loss of resources.

2. Quality, Relevance, and Actionable

First of all, the quality of the content also defines the quality of your audience. Before sharing content, you should review the content flow, grammar errors, or any other errors.

Additionally, the content must be relevant to the topic of the article and the overall content marketing strategy along with actionable elements that prompt users to take positive action towards the conversion funnel.

3. Provide value, trust, and authenticity with UGC

Content marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be from your created content, instead, you can select relevant and valuable content generated by users from social media platforms and leverage it in your campaigns.

A user-generated content platform like Taggbox will help you deliver value to users along with building trust and a sense of authenticity among users. In 2020, leveraging CGU in content marketing will help you build trust, drive engagement, and increase conversions alongside happy and satisfied customers.

4. Create content for your target audience

Gone are the days when mass audience content was successful in attracting traffic and potential customers.

So, understand who all your target audience is, get information about their tastes and behavior, and create buyer personas to know what kind of content they are going to consume and respond to. This will help amplify your content and marketing performance.

5. Content calendar maintenance

We can’t emphasize this advice too much and every seasoned content marketer will suggest you as well – MAINTAIN CONTENT CALENDAR. It is extremely important for the successful and effective management of your content.

As a brand, you are creating, curating, managing, and sharing large amounts of content based on trends, strategy, advertising, seasons, occasions, and much more. Content calendar maintenance ensures transparency and clarity among all those associated with the content.

Here are some tools you can use:

  • Trello
  • Hootsuite
  • CoSchedule
  • Buffer

6. Content marketing tools

Not only content management, but you should also take advantage of content marketing tools like social media aggregator or UGC platforms to effectively promote your valuable created and curated content.

Don’t be left alone with old social media posts and blog posts. Get the help of these platforms to modernize your content and promote it across all marketing channels, be it website, print media, social ads, events, digital signage, and much more.

These tools can help you save a lot of time and money on content creation by curating and displaying user-generated content marketing campaigns. Here are some of the best content marketing tools:

  • Taggbox
  • Shortstack
  • LiveWall

7. Track content performance and KPIs

For a successful content strategy, planning and execution are not enough. You need to go beyond that and measure the performance of your content as well.

First, during planning, you need to map KPIs to your content and after execution, you need to measure and compare the actual performance of the content against KPI metrics.

This will help you identify the gaps in your content marketing strategy, and for the future, you can use that create a more impactful and better content strategy.

8. Address participation, trends, and formats

With your content, it is important that you create content that intrigues users to engage with and take additional action.

To achieve engagement, the first rule of thumb is to address existing or seasonal trends that consumers are interested in and you can do so with social listening. In addition, you can take advantage of different content formats such as images, videos, texts, infographics, podcasts, and much more.

The content format and the diversity of trends will help you engage the audience with your content and drive positive results through it.

9. Add CTA’s, Social Sharing, & Engagement Elements

How would you come to know if a person liked your content or not if you don’t have a commitment or actionable items? This is why you need to add call-to-action buttons, social sharing buttons, and more.

These elements are very shocking than you might think, as they instigate user action. This could help you immensely to increase your social “likes”, comments, social following, content reach, user engagement, lead generation, and even conversions.


These are not all, but they should be your top concern for content marketing in 2020.

Moving into 2020, you can also take advantage of new technologies and innovations in your content marketing and try to keep your content consumer-centric to increase your influence and impact.

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