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Diamonds are the gemstone crème-de-la-crème. And, there are many interesting things to know about them. Do you, for instance, know it is the hardest material in existence? The largest diamond reserves are in Russia. As of 2020, the market value of the diamond industry was $68 billion.

And, you must have heard the tagline, “A diamond is forever.” The tagline is part of a marketing campaign by the oldest diamond mining company De Beers. The strategy was quite brilliant. What better way to show indestructible love than with an indestructible stone? Indeed, there are so many exciting tidbits diamond lovers would love to know.

The diamond industry is, without a doubt, very lucrative. But, like any other business, there is competition. You must use the right marketing tactics to get to the right audiences. Digital marketing provides an effective platform for this.

Let’s explore the reasons why digital marketing must be part of your marketing strategy.

1. Digital Marketing to Build Brand Awareness

When De beers came up with the successful tagline in 1947, the marketplace was very different. The choice of advertising mediums was very limited. But, the modern market and customer has evolved. 

Technology has given customers tons of options because of access to information. Shopping for a diamond ring became easier due to increased accessibility. One of the first places they will go to is the internet. You can expect search queries like:

  • Measuring the perfect ring size
  • Diamond sellers near me
  • How to identify real vs. fake diamonds, and much more.

If you do not have an online presence, you will lose out on a significant market of potential customers. Research shows a staggering 81% of shoppers will buy a product after online research.  

2. Build Trust with Digital Marketing

An online presence is an essential step in building trust. It is a sign of an authentic or genuine business.

The first step should be to set up a website. Consider it an investment to hire professional web developers and designers.

Diamonds are high-cost, luxury items. Your website should reflect the same look and feel. It is critical because it determines the online visitors’ first and most critical perception. A website also allows you to control your brand story. You determine the content your audiences get to see. 

Astute digital marketers optimize the content on the site for several reasons. Look at the linkages with search engine optimization (SEO) as an example.

  • SEO is critical for good rankings on the search engine.
  • Good rankings result in better brand visibility.
  • Better brand visibility will result in higher traffic to the website.
  • Increased traffic to the website means tons of leads capturing opportunities.
  • Lead capturing allows for conversions with the right strategies.

The website is also a fantastic place to display social proof or other trust indicators. Customer testimonials, reviews, and recommendations inspire trust.

89% of customers will read a review before buying a product. 79% find online reviews as good as a personal recommendation. 59% read Google reviews, further solidifying the need for a proper SEO strategy.

3. Social Media for Customer Engagement

Do jewelers need to hop onto the social media bandwagon? After all, this is not a mass consumer item. Indeed the diamond or high-worth jewelry business is quite a niche.

But, remember one fact: your customers, existing and potential, are on the platforms. The trick lies in proper targeting and strategic use of the opportunities available. The business can generate a lot of traffic to its website in this way.

Some things to consider include:

  • Visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest allow you to showcase your product range.
  • Keep up with engaging with followers by liking, sharing, and commenting. Ensure whatever content you post is engaging, relevant, and adds value. You can achieve lots of shares and interaction with your content.
  • Influencer marketing is a powerful tool. Take time to choose an influencer whose values and interests align with your brand. The type of followers should be people who can translate into future customers.
  • Social media is fantastic for promotions and other special events. There is access to a broad audience base that can translate into future customers.
  • The brand can get a lot of insights from audience feedback. Keep up with tracking comments to know what people want.

4. Enhance Customer Experience with Digital Marketing

Digital marketers have tools available to enhance the customer experience. Investing in the right technologies can make a massive difference to your business.

Chatbots and live chats provide a fantastic way to interact with customers. Real-time customer care is critical to how customers interact with the brand. Quick access to information and prompt handling of queries can increase conversions. It could very well mean the difference between a sale and a lost chance.

Product configurator software allows customers to decide what they want. Imagine creating that perfect engagement ring virtually. You get to pick the diamond type and size together with the perfect metal and design. Since it happens online, there is no extra cost to the business that may occur through trial and error.

Other technologies like 3D visualizations are also powerful marketing tools. Customers get to see the products in greater detail. It is a fantastic way to increase appreciation for your diamond offering.

Virtual and augmented reality are also transforming the jewelry business. Customers can try out jewelry without touching the actual product. You can achieve a level of brand building that is not possible with catalogs or online images. Some jewelry companies are already using these technologies to provide convenience to customers.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for your diamond business. The online space has so many opportunities for creating brand awareness. The digital space also gives access to a broad audience base. With the right strategies, there is so much potential for the business. 

We have looked at four reasons why digital marketing is relevant. The modern customer searches for information in the online space. They will check out product features and read reviews before deciding to buy. An online presence is critical if you hope to reach the right people. 

Finally, the right technologies will enhance the customer experience. Such include chatbots, virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D visualizations.

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