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Whenever we have a technological headway in a visual medium, certain things must happen. People will notice it and secondly, new stories become possible.

In the history of film, the world has gone from color to black and white, then from silent film to talkies. Then there was the emergence of computer-generated imagery that enables people to create great sights out of nothing. This took viewers into worlds of unprecedented depth. But 3D animation is now accessible to brands that need it.

So what are 3D animations? They are graphic techniques that use motion to bring characters, props, objects, and more to life. 3D animation techniques were originally used in video games, television, and filmmaking. Today, however, they are used in a wider array of digital environments.

That’s why brands have embraced 3D animation companies to help them do a few things for their business. There are a lot of 3D animation studios that you can reach out to in helping you take your business to the next level.

Animation studios in Los Angeles are some of the best studios that will work to satisfy your clients. Their skilled animators know how to dramatically cut down the time you spend answering questions about your products. They also know how to work and make any product feel exciting.

Role Played by 3D Animation and Digital Marketing in Your Business

3D animation techniques allow brands to show off their products and their features in ways that were not possible before. They also allow you to launch your products on different platforms. They help you to engage, inform, and entertain your clients ultimately boosting your sales.

Below are ways how 3D animation and digital marketing can help your business. 

1. An Attractive Display of Products

Did you just manufacture a new batch of products and can’t wait to show them off? You’ll need professional videography to set you up for the job at hand.

One way of attracting clients is through a professional, colorful, eye-catching page having your customized 3D animations. Do you want your clients to read an article detailing your products and their features? Or would you rather they watch an animation showing the nuts and bolts of your products? The second option certainly sounds better.

Remember that you’re not the only one who thinks that way. That’s because potential clients are four times more likely to view an animation about a product. They prefer this to skim an article about those products. This means that if you have a 3D product animation on your brand’s website, it’s likely that you’ll attract more clients.

We dare say that 3D animations are the crème del a crème of advertisements and so always remember to pitch them into your promotional strategy.

2. Customer Engagement

What do you know about customer engagement? Let’s face a few facts before you start to grumble.

There are gaps between what clients expect and what enterprises deliver. As such, you must be quick-thinking about how to bridge these gaps to ensure success. The good news is that 3D animation is no fluck when it comes to ultimate customer engagement.

3D animation software enables organizations to engage clients on a whole new level. An interactive 3D product animation helps your clients to engage with your products. It also causes them to entice prospective clients.

Displaying your product features in 3-D animation gives consumers a chance to experience the products in real time. A virtual presentation teaches your clients one or two things about your products. It plays a role in elevating their experience.

 The cherry on the cake is that you can still be in the prototype, manufacturing, or testing stages of the product offering. However, it would not prevent you from presenting an animated explainer to get your clients revving about it. A mix of captivating voiceovers and heavy visuals will drive the point home.

3. Initiating a Prolific Marketing campaign

Nothing works without promotion in today’s business landscape. Organizations in most cases opt for photo shoots and videos. The problem with this is that they consume a lot of time and are more expensive. Reducing the investment in marketing and speeding up the process gets facilitated by 3D advertising.

With three dimensions, infrequent angles, and cutouts can be shown. Organizations that provide 3D modeling services can now create amazing advertisements. The model created can be used for a wide range of media including the internet. You can even use social media sharing to make your efforts go viral. That’s if the creation is unique and the 3D rendering done is superior. 

4. 3D Animation Helps to Tell Your Businesses’ Vision and Story

When creating a brand animation, you must aim at conveying what your brand does to the audience. Keep in mind that brand animations are the first thing that visitors see on your website.

These animations are important because they grab the attention of your clients. They make it easy for clients to continue engaging with your page instead of bouncing to other sites. When working on the animations, remind the 3D animation company to keep them short.

That’s because a quick, one-minute-long video focusing on the most important aspect of your business is better.  That’s if you compare it to a long, drawn-out video that doesn’t get to the point thereby boring the audience.

A high-quality brand animation helps to enhance your brand. It’s also important to note that these 3D animation videos help to explain your products and services. They give the audience an idea of what to expect from your business.

A brand animation conveys your brand’s values. It also makes it more relatable, helping you to generate more leads, conversions, and sales.

5. Animations Bring the Gift of Nostalgia

You must have watched animations in your childhood days, right? Well, so did everyone else and it, therefore, follows that animations produce feelings of nostalgia.

Through an increased sense of social connectedness, nostalgia fosters positive emotions and decreases negative ones. There is usually a social web stretching across people and time in sentimental memories. The word “nostos,” for instance, means homecoming. “Algos” means pain. And nostalgia once evoked, helps to restore psychological balance.

Self-esteem and social connectedness gets boosted as a result and bring feelings of continuity between the past and the present. It helps to encourage social behavior and a sense of connection fights of losing loved ones.

That’s how it is with marketing as it has always benefited from adding a dash of nostalgia to marketing assets. Nostalgia makes clients develop a bond between them and the products. This helps to bring the ideas and messages closer to home. Moreover, the nostalgic animations make clients feel good as they stir personal memories and emotions that matter to consumers. 


3D animation is a multifaceted marketing strategy that can place your business on top. That’s why it’s important that you find your niche and work to make it appealing, concise, and entertaining. Give your clients a glimpse of your business through 3D animation and watch it thrive.


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