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The market has become increasingly competitive. However, did you know that this is not necessarily a negative thing? When you know ways to beat your competition, your business can stand out and gain more authority. Read this post to the end and learn how to rank above everyone else. marketing.

Do you think competitive markets in marketing creating insecurity? Well, this can turn into opportunities. High competitiveness indicates the existence of demand and the possibility of profitability. Now, it is interesting to look for ways to beat the competition, since your company needs to be seen and your products must stand out.

In this sense, it is necessary to take as a basis some of the management practice recommendations for marketing or communication agencies, for example. If done in the right way, they help to organize processes, to have a broad knowledge of the business itself, and to increase customer loyalty.

Next, discover how to find your differential in the market and what the best strategies to get ahead are. Keep reading!

Understand how to assess your competitive potential

Understanding the reality of your communication company is essential and deserves attention before thinking about strategies. See how to do it!

Get to know your organization and team well

Performance appraisal, quizzes, time management, workflow observation, and organizational climate assessment will give good answers on agency and employee-related attributes. The purpose here is to understand what the existing qualities and faults are in order to understand what needs to be improved or maintained.

Do you want some advice? If you find something that sets the team and your company apart, you may have found a great spot to invest in delight customers.

Know who you are dealing with

Knowing well the profile of your main consumers is essential. The creation of the Buyer Persona is one of the main steps since from there all the investments in marketing and products will be made. CRM helps you collect important data. You should understand aspects such as:

  • age
  • profession and position
  • monthly income
  • habits
  • Lifestyle
  • frustrations
  • dreams
  • Preferred technologies and social networks. 

Find what you lack

During your benchmarking, look at what all the marketing competitors have in common. Find the main consumer complaints and analyze if they are related to a shortage in the market. Dissatisfactions often have to do with pain or need, and you can use that information to expand your organization’s opportunities.

Discover 5 strategies to beat the competition and get ahead

After collecting the information, follow the strategies below.

1. Sell something intangible

The intangible is related to the emotional aspect of the consumer and is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself. A good sports store, for example, sells not only shoes but foot comfort, the feeling of freedom when running, the confidence that the product will not cause injury during physical activity, etc.

This also corresponds to the good user experience, which are the sensations that the customer perceives when interacting with the brand and the services offered. Keep in mind that the investment in this aspect must be constant since it guarantees more attraction, conversion, and loyalty.

2. Provide training and practice end marketing

Happy and recognized employees tend to work better and offer higher quality services. All this positive climate is reflected in deliveries to customers, which also makes the company differentiate itself.

Endomarkerting involves practices related to increasing motivation and developing skills. As a consequence, the agency will have more productive employees and committed to deliveries. Some ideas to put this into practice are:

  • free or discounted courses at partner companies;
  • positive feedback and recognition for those who excel;
  • social events and celebrations on special dates;
  • Offering interesting gifts.

3. Conduct customer satisfaction surveys

After some time in the market, we ended up getting used to the routine of job requests and project delivery. However, have you noticed the degree of customer satisfaction? Do you know their opinion about your work?

A satisfaction survey will answer these and other questions. There are several models and you can choose the most accessible for your business marketing. One of the most famous is the NPS (Net Promoter Score).

4. Monitor the agency’s KPIs

The performance indicators (KPIs) show the success rate relative to a given target. This is important so that we know the rest of the way forward and so that we can set plausible goals for the agency. The importance of monitoring metrics is due to the possibility of changing actions at the right time, generating savings in resources and energy. Some important KPIs are:

  • conversion rate
  • number of potential customers
  • organic traffic
  • bounce rate
  • ROI (return on investment) calculation.

5. Bet on management software and other technologies

Good productivity, quality of deliveries, prudent decisions, and clear communication are relevant aspects when it comes to differentiating. Management software contributes to this, helping to structure projects, organize demands, monitor processes, and provide unmatched experiences to clients.

Business intelligence software, on the other hand, helps collect raw and seemingly irrelevant data to transform it into strategic information. With the management report provided by the tool, it is possible to improve the business plan and make better decisions. The aforementioned CRM is also a great investment, as it helps us better understand our consumers.

Finally, there are several possibilities for technologies, and all of them generate more optimized and integrated projects, relevant factors to increase consumer satisfaction and brand authority.

As you have seen, there are many ways to beat the competition in marketing. The road is long and all the steps must be well thought out. Despite the great challenge, investing in your differentiation will pay off and will yield even more promising results for the agency.


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