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As we all know, good communication between brands and the target audience must be guided by a killer sales and marketing strategy.

Much is said about the need for marketing so that sales results are the best possible, but in the end … What is the relationship between marketing and the volume of sales of an organization?

Taking this question as a starting point, many others appear in the minds of entrepreneurs. Today, we are going to help a long time friend.

Are you also evaluating the possibility of optimizing profits through more investment in marketing but still have doubts? Do not worry! We are here to help you.

Follow us and find out how interesting marketing can be to drive profits.

What is the relationship between marketing and sales?

We are going to begin this instance by recognizing that the relationship between marketing and sales has always existed.

Okay. This is not a novelty and you must have thought enough about the subject. But, it must be recognized that harmony between the two is increasingly important, mainly in order to achieve the objectives of the company.

Technological changes, alterations in the way of doing business, and globalization are factors that directly influence consumer behavior. Easy access to information and the diversity of products and services available to the client make consumers increase their demands in terms of quality, costs, and other aspects.

That is why it is so important that companies know how to reach the customer and how to satisfy their needs.

Many people believe that marketing is a process that encompasses planning, product policy, pricing, communication, and distribution of products and services.

It is part of the marketing actions to understand the market from the consumer’s point of view. This enables the company to create a strategic plan and finally achieve its general and specific objectives.

In order to identify customer demands, it is essential to carry out marketing studies. This, in turn, provides important information for the definition of marketing actions that aim to generate results.

Obviously, better results lead to optimization of sales. Thus, we can say that increasing sales is the main objective of marketing. For this reason, it is essential that there is a well thought out relationship between the actions of the marketing and sales departments.

Why should actions be integrated?

As much as a company prioritizes sales, if it does not invest in marketing, business growth can be quite limited. Therefore, keep in mind that selling without a defined marketing strategy can be a much more complicated task.

Marketing and sales actions must be integrated because they are transformed into benefits. It is possible that many question marks appear in your mind at this moment, but calm down, here are the main benefits of this integration:

Better communication

The achievement of more efficient internal communication is one of the main benefits. The approach of the areas allows people to contact each other more clearly, reducing noise in communication.

A point of great relevance is that this strategy provides competitive intelligence since each sector will understand how the other works, what are the daily problems and the solutions demanded by each area.

Thus, it is understood that it is a fantastic way to optimize internal processes, develop more promising strategies, and achieve more interesting sales results.

Resource economy

Undoubtedly, another point that we must highlight is that integration allows a great economy of resources, and this is achieved in companies from the most varied sectors. This happens because you will optimize results among the work teams, thus reducing the demand for investments in marketing campaigns.

The efficient contact between both teams makes the professionals increasingly complete and learn with quality the processes and essential elements for the organization.

Definition of common objectives

Good integration between marketing and sales allows the definition of common objectives, much more aligned with what your company needs.

The fact of sharing information among collaborators allows discovering with greater precision the needs and demands of the business. An extraordinary way to do this is by defining complementary and positive goals for all sectors and not just for a specific one.

Generation of qualified leads

Well, we leave this benefit last because it relates to the topic that we will see next. When the sales and marketing teams are harmonized, it is possible to generate many more leads to your company. This occurs because marketing knows the characteristics of the company’s public thanks to the direct contact that sellers have with customers.

Why do we say that this point is related to the next topic? Simple, because it is essential to emphasize that the digital marketing arm, that is, digital marketing, provides essential data for a differentiated strategy and oriented necessitate s customers.

What changes does digital marketing bring?

Today, the best-performing companies have a strong web presence. It is interesting that you understand that digital marketing facilitates understanding the target audience, their goals, as well as their challenges.

It is also essential for measuring results, for predictive analysis, improving the level of audience segmentation, and obtaining solid data on customers.

Ease of measurement

By using digital marketing tools it is possible to know almost everything about the actions taken.

The Internet makes it possible to track the steps of consumers. Thus, it can be controlled from the number of clicks on an e-mail marketing link to the closing of an online business.

The main metrics are called the Main Performance Indicators, in English, Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Some very important KPIs for companies is the number of impressions, return on investment (ROI), cost per click (CPC), cost of customer acquisition (CAC).

Predictive analytics

Another positive aspect is that by using digital marketing it is possible to optimize ads, texts, among other content marketing resources.

Improving the quality of the information offered to consumers increases the possibility of positioning your page well and making it stand out from the competition.

Predictive analytics is essential to correctly structure your ads and increase the probability that the audience will find your brand. Search engine optimization and investing in content marketing are essential for lasting results.

The higher level of audience segmentation (buyer persona)
Through digital marketing tools it is possible to speak with a very specific target audience, that is, consumers who really have an interest in the product or service that the company offers.

It is possible to segment the public from the moment they make their first contact with the brand, either through an ad on social networks or an external campaign.

Segmentation allows the shopping experience to be much more satisfactory and generates a positive feeling in the customer. This is the result of the possibility of targeting campaigns according to the consumer’s profile, behavior, and interest.

It must be remembered that segmentation can also be used to offer content of offers according to the stages of the purchase journey.

Customer data

Using marketing techniques is also great for uncovering more data about customers and thereby achieving better results by adopting a customer management program, also known as CRM.

Some of the main advantages of integrating marketing and sales through the use of CRM software are the best organization of processes, optimization of the time of work teams, nutrition and qualification of leads, decision-making based on data.


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