Technical specialists who have been working on creating sites on WordPress for a long time, when working on a new project, are immediately interested in what clients they plan to connect plug-ins.

SEO alerts are an online tool that helps SEO professionals stay up to date with the changes taking place on their website or online store. It crawls your site to evaluate the SEO performance of the search engine algorithms. We are the best software house in Lahore and providing top services in SEO. Plugins are highly specialized extensions that automate the management of website functionality. Such an extension can be developed not only by a professional but also by any user.

Physically, the plugin looks like a script that is added either to the control files, or mounted in the header or footer of the site. The script, when loading a resource, sends a command to the system to perform certain functions for which it is responsible. The difference is that without a plug-in, you would have to manually register or make the necessary changes to the site. The plugin automates the routine work with the resource, thereby saving time and resources to the owners and specialists who work with it.

The essence of SEO plugins and what they do on the site

There are about 16,000 different plugins in the WordPress library that make it easy to work with resources created on this type of CMS. About 1000 of them are responsible for various functions regarding SEO-optimization of the site. The correct SEO-optimization of a web resource in practice is filling keywords with text on pages, meta tags, generating human-readable web page addresses (URLs), optimizing the structure, and setting up internal linking. Regarding SEO optimization, specialists and site owners have about 200 well-known ranking factors from Google.

Types of SEO Plugin for WordPress
SEO extensions in the CMS library are divided into several groups. All of them will be presented in more detail in the material below.

A group of basic and universal SEO tools that have received several million active downloads in the WordPress library. With their help, you can automate the optimization of large sites and partially control KPI effectiveness by integrating the plug-in with web analytics tools and the administrative panel for the Google Search Console webmasters.

Yoast SEO

SEO-plugin No. 1 is the best universal solution for WordPress, developed back in 2008, and won the undisputed love of site owners on CMS with support for working in 42 languages. Over 2000+ reviews in the plugin library with an average rating of five stars.

The main functionality includes:

  • Filling meta tags
  • Work with micro data
  • Management sitemap.xml
  • Full control over bread crumbs
  • Automatic generation canonical

All-in-One SEO

The main competitor of Yoast SEO, which appeared in 2008 and translated into 57 languages. Almost duplicates the functionality of a competitor, with a few exceptions in working with publications. But such a decision was the result of a focus on working with online stores. This is evidenced by the ability to configure integration with popular commercial plugins for receiving orders and making payments on the site.

The main functionality of the extension includes:

  • Work with XML Sitemap
  • Title optimization and meta tag generation
  • Working with canonical main pages
  • Work with

The SEO Framework

The third most popular and lighter plugin among the best universal WordPress SEO solutions. It becomes a choice for small resources that do not require the powerful functionality of Yoast SEO or All-in-One SEO. Due to its comparative ease, the plug-in has been installed by the uze over 100,000 active users. The extension has been translated into 16 languages, including into Russian.

Main functions:

  • breadcrumbs generation
  • creating XML maps
  • automatic creation of Title and Description
  • Open Graph markup (markup that places anchors on a web page that receives traffic from social networks)
  • Canonical auto-generation.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

The plugin is more of an additional analytics collection tool than an extension that allows for internal SEO optimization of a web resource. It is often paired with Yoast SEO or All-in-One SEO, or even the SEO Framework.

The main function of Google Analytics by MonsterInsights is to integrate Google analytics, and display it directly in the WordPress dashboard, without going to the site. Suitable for managing a resource with high traffic – a forum, a blog, an information site with integration with social networks. In the functionality of the plugin – tracking referring to the site traffic sources.


The plugin allows you to work with the Title and Description meta tags, micro-markup for each publication, and view the snippet in the search results. You can configure integration with the Google Search Console and get information with recommendations for webmasters directly in the dashboard.

Another key feature – the extension offers recommendations for keywords that are potentially suitable for publication. This will allow:

  • gather ideas on keywords for meta tags
  • Compare the correctness of content optimization – how potentially the page will be relevant to the keys according to the previously developed content plan.


We are top software house Lahore and our material provided a list of popular SEO plugins for different needs – for a large multilingual site, a small blog or a landing page. Universal plugins have powerful functionality and can cover all the needs for SEO-optimization of any resource.


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    WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most famous SEO plugin for WordPress. Developed by Joost de Valk and his company Yoast, it offers great and actionable SEO features. The plugin checks your posts based on a focus keyword. It looks at the URL, title, description, content, and more to make sure your post has a clear SEO focus.

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