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In this age, the digitization of businesses is a crucial part of the business plan and strategy. However, the sheer website development cannot guarantee a successful online presence; the web developer must ensure that the website is user-friendly, functional, and appealing to customers. The web development companies are setting new records by following the recent trends of web development services in 2021. However, web development is not suitable for every entrepreneur; therefore, the enterprises outsource the web development companies.

Outsourcing a Web Development Company rather than hiring an in-house web development team can be cost-saving for the business. Dubai is famous as a business hub. The Enterprises or companies from all over the world commence their business operations here. People live the busiest days in Dubai, the online presence of any sector’s business is significant. Businesses majorly rely on the web and mobile applications in UAE. The web development companies need to be well-run with new trends to provide web development services in Dubai.

Top Trends in Web Development Services of 2021

Choosing the best web development company in Dubai is fundamental for ensuring that the website is designed following business goals and strategies. The e-commerce business’s success depends upon the multiple dynamics including, navigation, design, and functionality of the website.  These dynamics highly influence the search rankings, customer experience, and profitability of businesses.

To provide web development services in Dubai, the web development agencies must adopt the new trends of 2021 concerning the most demanded web development services. After analyzing the market demand in different IT sectors, we have compiled the list of top trends for web development services to present to you.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is one the most impactful trends of 2021. One of the primary purposes of building PWA is developing a UX / UI that stresses user experience. PWA is application software built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and delivered through the web. The functionality of PWA contains all the features of the native app, such as push notifications and offline support. Progressive web apps have made it convenient to engage and re-engage with users.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is one of the latest trends that web development service providers work within Dubai. This technology is developed to encourage building websites that work smoothly on mobile devices as well. AMP uses lean HTML, content delivery network, and functional JS to upsurge the code speed of mobile pages and cache them. AMP has become one of the most demanded and fastest-growing technologies among the web development companies

3. Voice Search Optimization

The user experience of voice search has mounted already. The web development services in Dubai and around the globe are incomplete without voice search optimization. Web development companies cannot overlook this new trend of mobile app development services. This feature on your websites can be optimized using web speech API, consisting of speech recognition and speech synthesis.

4. API-first Development

API stands for Application Programming Interface. API-first is a different approach from “code-first,” wherein developers project an application’s functionality and insert the API at the end. The code-first method can be challenging if an application is not designed in a way that helps API to access data. The most popular technologies that web development companies are using in 2021 are Swagger and API blueprint.

5. Artificial Intelligence and Bots

AI and Bots are considered as one of the most effective web development tools in 2021. These two technologies have changed the future of web development. These technologies assist businesses in involving and upgrade human interaction. Chatbots will be proven beneficial to enhance the consumer experience while building a marketing platform. In today’s world, it is significant to contemplate the latest website development technology trends. Businesses of all sizes need to provide constant customer engagement, which is possible by incorporating AI and Bots in your web development services.

6. Motion UI

The product must be engaging, attractive, and stunning in terms of presentation. Motion UI is one of the latest trends in web development services. To grab customers’ attention to increase your business sales, your web development agency must use Motion UI. It will help to create vibrant designs.

7. Push Notifications

Push notification is one of the power tools and most implemented trends to provide web development services. This tool helps to augment the user experience and marketing efforts of the businesses. On web applications, push notifications help deliver critical information to consumers, such as new blog posts and restocking of an item. There is an abundance of tools that allows creating browser push notifications. However, a few of those are Onesignal, PushEnagage, ZoPush, and PushCrew.

The trends keep changing in the web development industry. To provide web development services in Dubai, web development agencies must be well aware of the new technological trends. In addition, the Enterprises that hire web developers require an online presence, which helps them attain a competitive edge over competitors and increase the business’s profitability.

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