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Brand keywords, or Branded Keywords, are keywords that business leads use as a shortcut to search for information close to conversion and, therefore, require an efficient strategy. Knowing how to define brand keywords and create a good tactic for them is essential to optimize your Content Marketing strategy.

A Content Marketing strategy looks for consistent results and leads that are aligned with the differential advantages of the business, isn’t it? At the higher levels of your funnel, the right choice of branded keywords will make all the difference.

At the end of the day, nothing better than knowing what are the terms most related to your brand, don’t you think?

That is because whoever uses them already recognizes the brand, makes an association with your product or service, and will be just looking for some complementary information, or even a shorter way to make the online purchase.

For this reason, you need to take great care in choosing brand keywords, in the information that will appear in your result and, even, where they lead the user.

Will your SERPs or even the competition’s be worth sponsoring? If you want to know the answer to that question, as well as the concept and importance of these words for the brand strategy and your Content Marketing campaigns, this post brings you all the information you need.

Give it a look!

  • What are brand keywords?
  • What is the importance of branded keywords?
  • What are the differences between branded keywords and non-branded keywords?
  • How to find brand keywords?
  • How to use them in the construction of the Content Marketing strategy?
  • What tips can boost the use of brand keywords?

Branded Keywords are the keywords or phrases used by potential customers of a business to search for more specific information about a brand’s product or service.

That is, they already know that that item can be found in the mix of offers of a company, but they need additional information to make a decision, make a comparison, indicate it to third parties, etc.

As you can see, they are searches carried out close to the moment of conversion or that enhance a sales opportunity.

Thus, it has great strategic value for the company and they must be worked on and balanced correctly with the other keywords and stages of the marketing funnel.

What is the importance of branded keywords?

The benefits are many and can contribute to improving your pages and adopted strategies.

So that you have no doubts about how important brand keywords are, we made a list with the most relevant points.

Gain on segmentation

Segmentation is essential for an efficient strategy, be it Content Marketing or paid media. The more targeted your material, the greater your chances of making a relevant impact on your buyer persona.

Your message becomes more refined and in accordance with the expectations of your audience, increasing the potential for a conversion.

After all, the tendency is for communication with your audience to be more effective. Instead of focusing on interactions that contribute little to loyalty, for example, targeting allows the contact to become more natural and relevant to your audience.

Understanding the main needs of your audience

To offer a positive user experience, it is important to understand what the needs of your audience are.

Because they are more specific terms, branded keywords allow you to target your efforts to increase traffic to your pages so that the audience is positively impacted and more likely to convert.

What are the differences between branded keywords and non-branded keywords?

This is a very simple difference, after all, for SEO strategies you need to consider how algorithms analyze and process keywords, right? Therefore, the crucial difference is in the fact of having or not the mention of the brand, product, or company in the keyword.

The other keywords, therefore, will address the differentials of the products, the needs they satisfy, and the pains that customers go through before using them, their benefits, trends, and more information that will help the potential customer make their decision.

But thinking from the strategic point of view, it also has another important difference: it communicates with a lead that is already well nurtured and oriented about the product or service offered.

This means that in addition to the objectivity of the keywords, the pages that will receive the flow from them must also have clear and essential information for the final conversion of the client.

How to find brand keywords?

We have already shown you that the monitoring of Branded Keywords is very important for your planning, but how to find them? Follow our advice!

Use Google Alerts

When the subject is keywords and relevant to your brand in the SERPs, Google is always a reference, don’t you think? The good news is that Google Alerts can help you get these answers.

Instead of looking for terms related to your business, this free tool will send you notifications every time your brand is mentioned on the Internet, providing you with valuable insights.

Explore social media

Social media can also be an important source for someone searching for branded keywords.

Its “Advanced Search” resource allows you to find exactly what you are looking for. You can customize your search, for example searching for an exact phrase, words in the same phrase, or just a specific term.

How to use them in the construction of the Content Marketing strategy?

Brand keywords have the same formats and objectives as any other keyword, that is, to help leads find the content that will take them through the shopping journey. So how to use them in Content Marketing strategies alongside the others? We’ll tell you then!

Include your strategy in planning your project keywords

As expected, brand keywords should be chosen as the other keywords in the project, following their quality prerogatives, such as:

  • The relevance of the keyword for the product or services offered, considering the inclusion of the brand, product lines, or services offered.
  • Search volume on major search engines, such as Google. This stage can be done with Adwords and other tools such as SEMRush.
  • Run tests on its effectiveness for lead searches.
  • Consider long-tail variations.

Guarantees the segmentation of the content produced by the company

If a company offers different products or services, you need to ensure that your different combinations of keywords, page addresses, and brand are considered in the strategy and lead to the right direction.

What tips can boost the use of brand keywords?

In addition to all these alternatives, what can be done to enhance the use of brand keywords? Take a look at our tips!

Optimize your pages

The first stage is a well-known, but very important, advice on Content Marketing: optimize your pages. Using the correct terms when creating your strategy is just one example of this, but you should also invest in the user experience that comes to your site.

Do the searches correctly

It is also essential to set a goal for your brand keyword strategy and thereby manage to direct your efforts during the search, for example. The goal is not to waste time with irrelevant terms. For this, you have the tools that we showed you previously to optimize this stage.

Produce content with brand keywords

Brand keywords can also be used as a reference for producing relevant content. Did you notice that many users have questions about your products or services? Why not create a “Frequently Asked Questions” section that clarifies all these doubts and at the same time works the brand keywords correctly?

Don’t forget about social media

Social media can also be very useful to make brand keywords more effective for your Digital Marketing strategy. Using trending terms in your profile descriptions is just one example of how those keywords should be used to bring more results.

Never stop monitoring

Monitoring is also another important tip so that the use of Branded Keywords is really positive for your business. As much as the results are good so far, it is always possible to improve them, in addition to not letting your competition come close and take advantage of your failures.

The strategic value of a brand keyword reinforces the importance of brand management and branding. Incidentally, not only that.

In the digital context, it supports the great challenges experienced by organizations, such as strengthening social networks, SEO strategies, and automation technologies to interact with the client.

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