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With the job market constantly evolving, companies are always looking out for new talent. However, the process can be especially stress-filled for recruiters. This is because of the often lengthy processes involved. 

From sourcing the right candidates to finally hiring, recruiters have to go through different stages of screening, communicating, and scheduling interviews. Luckily, recruitment software can automate many of these activities. They can streamline the entire process and make hiring new employees faster and more rewarding. 

In this article, we shall be looking at what recruitment software is and why it is necessary for a business.

What Is Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software often called Applicant Tracking System or ATS software that optimizes hiring processes. It helps organizations find and attract the right candidates and screen resumes. It also helps maintain communication with applicants, track data and interactions, and manage the entire hiring process. 

Using recruitment software UK can ensure fast, cost-effective, and quality hiring in four ways. They help to find and attract the right candidates. Then they select the most qualified out of the lot. Then they engage the candidates by keeping them updated throughout the process. Finally, they help in the hiring and onboarding of new employees. 

Why Recruitment Software Is Necessary for a Business

1. Recruitment Software Saves Time

A lot of time is committed to recruitment, from creating the job description to eventually hiring the right candidates. Recruiters spend long hours sorting through resumes, selecting the best fit, and then contacting candidates by phone or email. By automating many of these processes with the help of a recruitment software, businesses can cut down on time spent. 

2. Recruitment Software Increases Efficiency

It’s easy to make mistakes when dealing with a high volume of data. With applicant tracking systems, information is well organized. Candidates’ personal information, as well as all their interactions with the company or the recruiting agency, are well arranged. 

Candidates can be categorized based on specific criteria laid out in the software. All data relating to their application can always be accessed. In this way, ATS promotes efficiency and ensures that no information is lost. 

3. Recruitment Software Makes Job Posting Easier

One of the most effective ways to attract candidates is to post your job opening where they are most likely to see it. With an applicant tracking system software, you can post your job opening on different social media platforms with just a single click. This means that your job post can reach a wide audience in a very short time. 

The system also tracks the activity on each of these platforms. It brings you data on how your job post is doing and how your audience are responding. This saves you the stress of having to monitor the job post on each platform individually.

4. Flexible Application Process

Gone are the days when job applications could only be done on a computer. Most applicants are young people who spend a lot of time on their phones. They are most likely going to see your job posting on their phones. Maintaining an applicant tracking system online allows candidates to apply for jobs using their mobile devices. 

This makes it easy for these candidates to complete application processes and upload their resumes and other documents using their mobile phones. This has greatly cut down job post response time and increased the chances of attracting more applications. 

5. Better Candidates Are Hired

The applicant tracking system works with a set of keywords and criteria that have already been programmed. This ensures that only qualified candidates are selected. This takes away the possibility of bias and leaves a level playing ground for all candidates. 

With the programmed keywords, unqualified candidates are screened out. Only the best are moved to the next stage of the recruitment process.

6. Provides a Better Candidate Experience 

The goal of every recruiter is to ensure that candidates enjoy a seamless process all through the exercise. The applicant tracking system software provides an easy application process. It also ensures timely updates on their application status. In addition, ATS guarantees proper management of their application data. These are some of the factors that contribute to providing a positive candidate experience, whether they end up being hired or not. 

7. Detailed Analytics

One of the most amazing features of recruitment software is its ability to track data from the number of applications received to the platforms that generated the highest responses. It can provide detailed reports on the demographic characteristics of applicants. It can show what geographical location most of the applications are from. It can put candidates in categories based on skill, education, and origin. All of this information helps companies and agencies in making informed decisions. 

8. Reduces Employee Turnover

Most people tend to stay longer on jobs that they are a perfect fit for. With the applicant tracking system, only the best candidates for a position are hired. This results in satisfaction, both for the employee and the organization. The outcome is an increase in employee retention. 

9. Reduces Cost

Applicant tracking systems streamline recruitment processes. It automates many of the mundane, repetitive tasks like parsing resumes and sending emails to candidates. This cuts down the man hours required for hiring candidates, thereby reducing cost. 

10. Creates a Passive Pool of Candidates

Sometimes, recruiters get lucky to have more candidates that are qualified for a position than they need. The applicant tracking system keeps and organizes all information about such candidates. This way, you have a pool to choose from should you need to hire quickly for the same position or a similar one in future. This is especially beneficial for companies that need new employees regularly. It saves the time and resources that would have been used to conduct another recruitment exercise.


Recruitment software is great for companies in that they impact not just new hires but the existing company workforce. Applicant tracking systems help to ensure that you’re getting the best possible candidates faster and cheaper. 

It also helps provide a positive experience for applicants, which in turn creates a great image for your brand. It efficiently manages applicant data and automates many of the recruitment processes. This ensures that your team does not suffer from burnout. So, on the whole, using recruitment software is a win for all involved.

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