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In today’s competitive online marketplace, a smooth shopping experience is a necessity. Customers expect a seamless journey from browsing to buying, and any friction points can lead to frustration and abandoned carts. The default cart functionality for e-commerce businesses using WooCommerce is a major pain point.

WooCommerce, a popular open-source platform, empowers entrepreneurs to build online stores. However, the standard cart requires users to navigate away from the product page to view or modify their selections. This disrupts the browsing flow and can lead to lost sales. Here’s where side carts come in as a potential solution.

Side carts are innovative tools that offer a more user-friendly approach to cart management. The WooCommerce Side Cart plugin takes this concept even further, providing a simple yet effective way to streamline the checkout process and boost sales for your WooCommerce store.

This article delves into the WooCommerce Side Cart plugin, discussing its benefits and key features. Now, let’s start!

Understanding WooCommerce Carts and Their Limitations

The default WooCommerce cart offers basic functionality, allowing users to add products to their selection and review them before finalizing their purchase. It typically displays a list of chosen items with details like product name, quantity, price, and subtotal. However, this default cart has limitations that can hinder the user experience and potentially lead to lost sales.

Limitations of the WooCommerce Cart

One major drawback is the need to navigate away from browsing. Users have to leave the product page they’re viewing to look at their cart selections. Furthermore, the default cart lacks features for quick edits within the browsing experience. Users cannot modify quantities or remove items directly from the cart itself, requiring them to navigate back and forth.

This disrupts their browsing flow and can lead to a loss of focus or interest. The extra step of navigating to the cart introduces friction in the buying process. This can be a pivotal contributor to cart abandonment, where users decide not to complete their purchase due to inconvenience.

What is a WooCommerce Side Cart?

A WooCommerce side cart is a user-friendly add-on that enhances the shopping experience by offering easy access to cart contents directly on the browsing page. Depending on the plugin’s configuration, it typically appears as a slide-in panel, either from the left or right side of the browsing window. The slide-in panel appears whenever a product is added or when the user clicks on a dedicated cart icon. This panel displays the current cart items, including product names, quantities, and subtotal.

It allows for easy access to the cart without requiring users to navigate away from the product page they’re currently viewing.

Advantages of the WooCommerce Side Cart

The core functionalities of a side cart revolve around convenience and streamlining the checkout process. Let’s look at some essential benefits:

  • Effortless Cart Access: Unlike the default cart, side carts ensure users can view and manage their cart selections directly within the browsing interface. This eliminates the need to navigate back and forth, keeping them focused on their shopping journey.
  • Quick Edits on the Fly: Side carts empower users to change their carts on the fly. They can easily adjust quantities of chosen items or remove unwanted products directly from the side cart panel. This streamlines the shopping experience and reduces friction points that might lead to cart abandonment.

Benefits of Using WooCommerce Side Cart Plugin

The WooCommerce Side Cart plugin tackles the limitations of the default cart head-on, offering a range of benefits that can significantly improve your store’s checkout process and boost sales. Here’s how:

Reduced Cart Abandonment

Side carts eliminate the need to navigate away from browsing, keeping users engaged and focused on their shopping journey. This reduces friction points often associated with the traditional checkout process, which can lead to cart abandonment.

Users can easily review their selections and make quick adjustments by providing constant access to the cart within the browsing interface. This transparency and control over their cart contents encourage them to complete their purchases confidently.

Enhanced User Experience

Side carts seamlessly integrate with the browsing experience. Imagine a customer browsing a clothing store. They might add a shirt to their cart but then decide they don’t want it after all. With a side cart, they can easily adjust the quantity or remove the item entirely, all within the side cart panel. They also have product images, names, quantities, and subtotal price information.

This eliminates the need to navigate back and forth between the product page and the cart, saving time and frustration. Thus, they’re engaged and focused on shopping, creating a more enjoyable experience.

Key Features of the WooCommerce Side Cart Plugin

The WooCommerce Side Cart plugin goes beyond simply offering a side cart. It provides a range of features designed to enhance user experience and streamline the checkout process, ultimately leading to increased sales for your online store.

Customization for a Cohesive Look

The plugin understands the importance of maintaining a consistent brand image. It empowers you to customize the appearance of the side cart to integrate with your store’s overall design aesthetic seamlessly. You can adjust elements like colors and layout to ensure the side cart complements your website’s visual style. This creates a cohesive shopping experience that fosters trust and encourages users to engage with the cart functionality.

Quick Edits and Effortless Cart Management

One of the core strengths of this plugin is its focus on user control. With WooCommerce Side Cart, you’ll get:

  • Seamless quantity adjustments
  • Effortless item removal
  • Subtotal and total
  • Quick navigation buttons to checkout and view cart

Mobile-First Design for Today’s Shoppers

In today’s mobile-centric world, ensuring a smooth side cart experience on various devices is crucial. The WooCommerce Side Cart plugin is designed with mobile responsiveness in mind. This guarantees that the side cart functions flawlessly on smartphones and tablets, providing a seamless shopping experience for users regardless of their chosen device.

Getting Started with WooCommerce Side Cart Plugin

It’s easy to download and configure the WooCommerce Side Cart plugin. You can quickly integrate the side cart into your WooCommerce store to get the benefits.

Effortless Installation

The WooCommerce Side Cart plugin is available for download here. The pricing depends on the type of license and support duration. It costs $21 to buy this plugin with a regular license and six months of support.

Simple Configuration

After downloading this plugin, it’s time to configure it according to your needs. You can add the plugin to your shop page and single product pages. You can enable or disable the functionality to show a mini cart counter. It’s also possible to change the mini cart’s icon if you want.

You can set the side cart’s title according to your preferences or change the side cart’s position to slide in from the left or the right. Finally, changing the text for the Continue Shopping, View Cart, and Checkout buttons is easy.

The style options for the WooCommerce Side Cart include switching background color, counter icon color, cart icon color, button background color, button text color, and arrow color. You can set these according to your preferences to maintain a consistent brand image.


In conclusion, the WooCommerce Side Cart provides various benefits, including a smoother checkout process, increased customer satisfaction, and higher sales for your WooCommerce store.

With its simple installation and configuration, the WooCommerce Side Cart plugin offers a cost-effective way to streamline your checkout process. Customers are more satisfied, and that’s the key to getting long-term customers. So, this plugin will lead to a more positive and profitable online shopping experience for you and your customers.

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