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App Store Optimization (ASO) – the process of optimizing the page of a mobile application in the application store in order to maximize its visibility and convert visitors to downloads. Now, most marketers recognize ASO in Pakistan as an indispensable element of the application promotion strategy.

In many ways, App store optimization (ASO) resembles SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which has existed for several decades and consists in selecting the right metadata and assets (icon, screenshots) in order to be higher in the search by keywords, and those who visit the application page users downloaded the application and became its users.


The following resources are currently being used in ASO:

  • Application name (keywords included in it)
  • Keywords (as a field is available only in the App Store, but for Google Play, anyway, you’d better have a semantic core that describes the functionality of your application, and build a description based on it)
  • Subtitle (only available on the App Store)
  • Application description (indexed for direct search only on Google Play, however, of course, affects users of any store)
  • Promotional text (available only on the App Store)
  • In-App Purchases
  • Developer Name (only works on Google Play)
  • Icon
  • Screenshots (separate for smartphones and tablets)
  • Video
  • Average rating and reviews
  • Application size (indirectly affects the decision to download, since in iOS through the cellular network you can only download applications up to 150 MB, on Google Play – up to 100 MB)
  • Updates and “What’s New”
  • Localization
  • Web links for the application (as an SEO element)


 First of all, we study the application itself, its category and competitors. Then we analyze the semantic core and the visual component of the application page. An audit provides an understanding of the main areas of work. Based on it, we draw up an application page optimization plan.


 New markets = new sources of application users. To go to other countries, you must also localize the application page. Localization is not just a translation, it is an adaptation of graphic elements and compilation of texts to optimize the search results of each locale.


With increasing competition in the application market, the ability to find the right target audience for your application, present your application so that the user wants to download it and become a user has become more and more important.

For the most part, users will learn about new applications from the App Store and Google Play search, from tops and features, which means that you need to be in first places wherever possible. So there was App Store Optimization – various ways to improve the position of the application in the search results for the desired request, maximize the conversion.

The rules on which ASO is based are quite simple – if you are not in the first three places in the issuance for the requests you need, then you are invisible. If you are in the SERP, but your icon, or name, or rating is not attractive and users do not want to tap on them, then you are losing the lion’s share of the target audience.

Your task as marketers is to maximize every step of attracting organic users from the application store to your application.

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