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The development of friendly and adaptive website designs for mobile app landing pages with the maximum focus on mobile users has already ceased to be a trend. Now this is a powerful competition in which hundreds of players “die” every day. Tens of thousands of smartphones and tablets are purchased daily, twice as many different applications are being developed. It is logical that it is very difficult for a novice in such an environment to survive.

Why do you need an application landing page?

Surely you had a logical question: “Why create a landing page for a mobile application, if there is Google Play and the Apple Store, where you can also advertise the development?” Both application platforms and landing pages are tools for promoting mobile development. But at the same time, neither a page in Google Play or in the Apple app store will be able to convey emotions, show benefits and create motivation for the user to download. Everything looks standard. At the same time, there is absolutely no way to advertise your application until its release and placement on download sites. This is a significant advantage on the side of the landing page. After all, using the landing page you can not only talk in detail about the benefits of the application, but also emphasize the importance of your development,

At different stages, a single-page application can carry different goals. This does not have to be solely a call for installation. Depending on the specifics of the application, the landing page may attract visitors to:
• Subscription, creating a base of potential customers;
• Getting the “bun.” For example, providing your data in exchange for any bonus for the client: a promotional code for free use of the application features, etc.
One way or another, the landing page of the application, subject to its correct structure and the presence of important marketing elements, will work 100%, lead users and increase the number of downloads.

What content is needed on the landing page of the application?

By structure, the landing page of a mobile application will not become a supernatural project. The landing page, by tradition, should be logical and motivating, provide the user with valuable information and guide him from the first to the last screen, without letting go. The key difference will only be content filling and the appearance of content blocks.

First screen

The first screen should be the most informative. At first glance, the visitor should understand why he needs the application (as a rule, this is expressed as UTP), as well as his application functions, its interface, advantages and services, where it can be downloaded and installed later.

Benefits and Benefits

Inform the user about his benefits that he will receive when using your application. Tell us about the advantages of the project, indicating its features. The user must understand that it is your application that will simplify the task for him, help him complete it faster and easier.
The list of benefits and advantages is the strongest motivator for the visitor. Therefore, it is logical to place a lead generating button at the bottom of the blocks, thereby increasing the conversion of the landing page.


Sometimes some photos of the application are not enough, especially when it comes to a complex project. In this case, a video will help, in which the principle of using a mobile application, the process of installing it, a list of functions, and their benefits will be described in stages. The video, which will become a guide to the application, will help to make your project more understandable for the target audience. And what is simple and understandable for a person is always in demand.

Social evidence

If the application is already running, the social evidence posted on the landing plays a crucial role. They become the strongest motivators and inspire confidence in the user. It will not be superfluous to place information on the page about famous companies and persons who use the application, in the form of their logos and short descriptions, customer reviews.

Social Media Links

Invite users to share information with their friends and subscribers. Be sure to place active link buttons on popular social networks on the site. Thus, you can get more leads by moving new users from the page of the person who shared the link to the site on his page in the social network.

Mobile Landing Tips

Landing page, first of all, is a product of deep marketing research. To succeed, absolutely everything is important: from developing calls to action and selling texts to understanding the place where to place the lead generating button. When developing a selling one-page for mobile applications, consider a number of nuances necessary to create a successful project.

Find out who your target audience is and understand what it wants

The first step to the success of the landing will be the analysis of the target audience. It is not enough to know the CA group. It is important to understand what she expects from the site, what set of elements should be placed in order to interest her and give what she really needs.
Literally, everything depends on the understanding of the target audience. Her knowledge builds the structure of the site, selects colors and their combinations, and determines the sequence of content and its content.

Think over the structure

The structure of the landing of mobile applications should be clear and logical. From block to block, the user must draw important and valuable information for him. A person must find answers to his questions and understand that he has found what is interesting and useful to him.

Decide on the design

Responsiveness, convenience, consistency and aesthetics are the main design requirements. Its appearance and concept should be fully based on the needs of the target audience and the general concept of logic.
Choose colors, fonts and their size in full combination with each other. Pick up modern solutions that you can spy on the services of popular designers. The design of your site should be memorable, attractive and understandable. Do not forget that 85% of information is perceived by a person visually.

Control the site loading speed

A single page should load in a matter of fractions of a second. Otherwise, the whimsical user simply will not want to wait, having closed the site. To do this, you need to take time to optimize content, photos, videos, not to use heavy elements that can negatively affect speed.

Create an adaptive version of the landing page

Do not miss all the groups of the target audience, including mobile. Give them the opportunity to conveniently view the landing page from the gadget and do the target action. To do this, create an adaptive version of the site, leaving the most important blocks on it.

Write sales texts

Without water, red tape and clericalism. Texts should sell, disclose the value of the proposal. Show to user – he found what he was looking for. Texts should be clear, semantic, but easy to understand. It is on the basis of information content that a person makes a decision whether to do an action or not. Therefore, do not skimp, order the services of a professional copywriter who will write quality content for you.

Create Motivational Calls to Action

A call to action in tandem with a lead-generating button are the most basic elements on a landing page of any subject. One-page advertising for mobile applications was no exception. Using the call and the button, the user can take an action. But their mere presence on the page is not enough. You need to hook the person to perform the last step by making a motivating offer.


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