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It is necessary to accept the industry as it is. Elexoft Technologies is one of the few best software houses in the Islamabad that can change itself. We managed to expand our field of activity and go beyond the narrow framework in which the company was located.

Developing software and serving a rather specific contingent of users. We managed to create a new technology, revise the line of our software products. Today we release products for a wide range of customers.

Software houses in Islamabad Qualified staff


Our strength lies in the knowledge and highly qualified staff of the company. In fact, Elexoft is nothing more than an organization engaged in intensive research and production activities. In our internal activities, we focus on strict production discipline. Modern corporate culture that allows us to achieve high productivity. And here we still have a lot of unresolved problems.

Elexoft Technologies considers it not entirely correct to compare. The indicators obtained from the audited statements of a number of Software houses in Islamabad. With the results of the past year presented by company employees during the survey, or obtained as a result of expert evaluations. Strict ranking and comparison of companies with different business models will also not be entirely correct.

Survive in the competition


The most important thing today is the ability to be flexible. In order to survive in the competition, we strive to turn each of our products into a complete solution. Which can be tailored by end users in accordance with their specific needs. The only way to achieve this is to respond quickly to changes in the market and demonstrate the greatest possible flexibility.

Look what happened before. In the conditions of fierce competition, we released systems that were distinguished by wide functional capabilities and effectively solved. The tasks assigned to them, but did not have the ability to adjust and upgrade accordingly when the business climate changed.

Now we are faced with the task of maximally satisfying the demands of this new market. Of course, we are aware that the market itself is changing rapidly.

Our competitiveness has grown significantly through the implementation of the concept that we call Idea to Action. The main feature of our software is that it allows users to implement their own ideas. In software and quickly adapt information systems to changes in the market.

Company’s turnover


While we were a small software house (the number of employees did not exceed 10 people). It was not difficult to develop and maintain a common culture at a high enough level. Simply because the employees saw each other literally every day. But when the company’s turnover reaches Maximum, and representative offices.

Which already employ 100 people, are opened in most developed cities of the Pakistan. Much more serious efforts are required from both management and staff to maintain a corporate culture at the appropriate level.

Must have its own unique personality. This is what makes the Software house employees strive to achieve the goal facing the company. Elexoft (however, like any other company) cannot rely solely on multi million-dollar capital resources. .

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