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In the current era, we witness technological advancements with each passing day. The workload has been shifted from human resources to technology. For every potential problem, the software is developed, which produces efficient and reliable results. Businesses need software to grow and excel; hence the software development companies are in demand more than ever. The banks, multinational companies, universities, and even government sectors have realized the importance of software.  The software houses have developed numerous software to cater to multiple problems related to accounting, human resources management, and customer services. The aim of developing software is to complete a task without any errors and extra-human effort.

Top Software houses in Pakistan:

Every organization has set up its own IT department or outsources the services from IT software companies. Software development companies have helped businesses and organizations to work efficiently and effectively. To find the best solutions for your business, one must adapt to new techniques. The best option to excel in your business and increase profits is to shift to the software that meets your requirements and lowers your cost. The number of software houses has grown, and choosing the best as per your business requirement needs considerable thought. Below listed are the few top software houses in Pakistan, which can help you choose the best as per your requirement.


10Pearls is Karachi based and an award-winning Software Company, which builds and designs mobile and digital products.  It does not provide services in Pakistan only; it has paved its way in the USA, UAE, Canada, and Columbia.

Systems Limited:

Systems Limited is Lahore based company, which helps government and private organizations by providing software that helps run smooth business processes.

Venture Dive:

This software house is located in Karachi, Pakistan, which provides tech solutions worldwide. They are also famous for working on the Covid19 telehealth portal project in collaboration with digital Pakistan.


Folio3 is Lahore based software development house, which provides low-cost software development services, strategic consulting, and funding advisory services. This company is experienced in developing custom software that caters to all your problems.

Contour Software:

 Constellation Software Inc creates contour Software. It provides unique solutions concerning software maintenance to software quality services, to UI / UX modernization.


It is one of the oldest and well-reputed companies based in Lahore. The company is known for providing top-notch IT services and business solutions to its clients, including enterprise applications, business intelligence, financial services, and software product engineering.

NetSol Technologies:

NetSol technologies are considered one of the most popular IT service providers and have maintained their position in the industry. It creates innovative software for the world’s top asset finance and leasing companies for over four decades.


Cubix is also one of the top software and leading mobile development companies in Pakistan. It started its operations in the year 2008 with seven members and has worked with Estee Lauder, Engro Corporation, Swatch Group, Politico, and OOMCO. Cubix won awards for top mobile app Development companies in 2020 & 2021 and top hybrid app developers in June 2020.

Ovex Technologies:

Initially, they were an outsourcing company and later expanded their operations in all spheres of the IT sector, also known for their largest BPO solutions provider in Pakistan. Besides providing outsourcing services, they develop and deliver robust software solutions to corporate clients, startups, and SMEs.

Elexoft Technologies:

Elexoft Technologies is an IT Software company that was initiated in 2015. It is also one of the top software houses in Pakistan, which offers its services in web designing, CRM systems, digital marketing, and mobile apps. Elexoft is a registered software company in Pakistan.

TRG Tech:

TRG is a biggest BPO service provider, commencing its operations since 2002. It has served more than 120 global clients and has managed to come across as the best software house in Pakistan.

Leading Software Development Companies in the USA:

Silicon Valley in the USA is the hub of software development companies. The software development industry is one of the fastest and leading enterprises in the USA. The top and leading software companies are based, such as Microsoft Corp., Adobe Reader Inc., Oracle Corp., and International Business Machines Corp, which are providing worldwide services. These software companies are known to be the pioneers in the industry.

The software development industry has changed the trends for all spheres of businesses. In the present scenario of covid19, the enterprises are majorly dependent on technological advancements. The software development industry in Pakistan has created immense opportunities for businesses to grow and expand during this pandemic. Employees have been able to work from home. To achieve the desired outputs, government organizations and private companies have started to digitize their processes, which will pave the new ways of success for software development companies.

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