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Today we will dot all the “i” and find out who suits the creation of the site on the template, and for which company requires the development of an individual project.

As you know, a template site is a ready-made standard solution in which a design is already drawn and there is a certain set of functions. Sometimes it’s very difficult to remove or add to this “package” and not for free.


Cost is lower in comparison with individual development.

The average time it takes to create a site on a template is 2-3 weeks.


Whatever template you choose, someone has obviously used it before you, so meeting a similar website on the Internet is as easy as shelling pears.

You will have to come to terms with the set of functions of the template or pay the developer for improvements.

Overcoming barriers to website promotion in search engines will only be mastered by contextual advertising.

A unique site is a web resource created from the wishes of the client and his features. The design is created from scratch, and the functionality is thought out clearly for the goals and preferences of the customer.


The original website design is an unconditional competitive advantage and an indicator of the image on the Internet.

The site’s functionality is tailored to the needs of the company.

All interface elements and graphic content are unique, which favorably affects the promotion. Standing in the TOP of search engines no longer seems an illusion.

There are only 2 disadvantages of developing an individual site. And you probably already guessed about them. These are terms and costs, which are undeniably more than when developing a site on a template and are calculated individually for each project.

You know the differences 2 of these methods of creating a site. To decide which one is suitable for your company is quite simple – determine the goal of developing a web resource. Is this an information site without complex functionality, created and launched in a short time? Or is it a corporate identity in every pixel and long-term use that brings real profit?

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