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The engine is the most important component of any site. However, people who are poorly versed in this area will inevitably have questions regarding the choice of a suitable option. The fact is that now there are really many different CMS.

The main advantage of this engine, of course, is the ability to integrate with other products without any problems. For this reason, it is often chosen by serious commercial organizations for which this aspect is very important. Good scalability is also noteworthy. Thanks to this, the webmaster has the opportunity to constantly expand and modernize the portal. However, it does not need to be redone entirely.

CMS has many useful features that do not need to be installed additionally. The engine also has a web analytics module. The only drawback to a CMS is the need for a purchase. Not every webmaster is ready for this. But on the other hand, no other engine is capable of boasting more out of the box capabilities.

CMS is completely free, so anyone can use it without any problems. It is also easy to learn. It only takes 5 minutes to install the system. WordPress is not resource-intensive, so you can run it on a server of almost any, even the most budget configuration. The engine interface is also not difficult, so even an inexperienced webmaster can figure out the system. Also, the site owner can download many free themes. But for this you will have to pay with less wide functionality.

These are the main features of the most popular CMS. As you can see, both options have advantages and disadvantages. If you wish, you can order website development Elexoft Technologies our company. Our employees are responsible for their work.

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