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Mobile devices have become an important part of our lives, which have made us reliant on mobile applications for everything. The marketplace is crowded with apps that cater to the unlimited needs of a user. From playing games to delivering groceries to the doorstep, you are just an app away. Mobile app development is a process, which absorbs months or years of brainstorming. Mobile application universally referred to as a mobile app, is an application software specially developed to execute on a mobile device such as smartphones, Apple phones, or tablet computers.

The Covid-19 had incredibly impacted every industry and sector, including the most popular apps. It’s crucial to analyze your target audience’s preferences and mediums to connect with them to optimize your mobile app. Let’s have a brief overview of the top mobile apps in 2021 that are frequently downloaded and used in the Apple and Google Play Store.

  1. TikTok: This is one of the most downloaded apps of 2021. Despite the ban of TikTok in few countries, it has an influx of users and had over 2 billion downloads globally.
  2. Facebook: It has always remained one of the most popular apps and continues to stay in the top 10 Apple Store and Google Play Store apps.
  3. Instagram: This photo and video sharing app has always remained popular, and the most downloaded app for Gen Z and Millennials and continues to do so in 2021.
  4. WhatsApp: This is one of the most downloaded apps to stay in touch with your family and friends and has increased the user’s influx during a pandemic.
  5. Telegram: It is also one of the popular messaging apps in 2021. It has about 500 million active monthly users.
  6. Zoom: During the pandemic, this app is widely used for business meetings and online teaching classes. In April 2020, it reported over 300 million daily participants and 38 million downloads in January 2021.
  7. Snapchat: It has been downloaded over 200 million times, and it is the most popular app among the young generation.
  8. Messenger: Facebook Messenger is very popular, especially in the United States. It is expected to reach 2.1 billion users in the current year

It is not easy to develop a mobile application as it seems to download and use it. The mobile app development process entails creating installable software such as code, binaries supported by services such as data access with an API to test the application on the target device. There is plenty of software that is widely used for mobile app development. Appy Pie, Zoho Creator, BuildFire, Appian, and BiznessApps are a few mobile app development software famous for developing mobile apps.   

Mobile App Development Software

The increasing number of companies have realized the swift shift in customer’s preferences is beneficial for their gain. Access to devices and thirst to build an online presence have created opportunities for mobile app development companies. Mobile app development software assists in developing mobile apps. The software can be designed using different mobile app development tools such as:

  • Native Mobile Development Tools:  This is a mobile app development software that helps design a mobile applications for a particular device or platform such as Android, Windows, or iOS. A native app is designed and coded for a specific mobile platform in a native programming language such as:
    • iOS (objective-c or Swift)
    • Android (Java or Kotlin)
  • Cross-Platform Development Tools: This development software help in developing mobile applications that is used on one or more  platforms or mobile operating systems.  It allows developers to use the same base code, which helps publish the applications on Android and Apple phones. Cross-platform development tools have also been divided into three categories:
    • Coding Platforms
    • Without Coding Platforms
    • Low-Coding Platforms

Top Mobile App Development Software Developers in Dubai

Dubai, UAE, is famous for its luxurious lifestyle, elite and modern architecture, and new technologies. With the increased use of mobile devices in Dubai, Enterprises have abruptly adapted to software development changes to upkeep in the business world. If you have a business in Dubai, you must know about these mobile app development software companies.

  • DeviceBee Technologies: It is a software development company, which has headquarter in Dubai with offices in Kuwait, San Francisco, and Lahore, Pakistan. With a team of nearly 31 members, this firm specializes in mobile app development. DeviceBee Technologies has developed a mobile app for an oil and gas company, allowing brief trainees to book their travel arrangements without any hustle.
  • Royex Technologies: This is one of the top mobile app development companies in Dubai. It provides mobile app development services for both Apple and Android users.
  • AJATH: Ajath works with small and mid-market businesses to provide them with mobile application development. Its offices are in Dubai, India, New York, and Canada. Recently Ajath partnered with an electrical manufacturing company to develop a barcode scanning application for them.
  • DIGINIX AI IT Solutions Dubai: Headquartered in Dubai, a development company offering custom software, e-commerce, and mobile app development services.
  • QUANTA Software Solution: This is one of the leading software development companies in Dubai. Quanta Software has created a native app for iOS and Android. It was an online grocery mobile app, which provided both front and backend support.

Dubai is an advanced city, where digitization of every process is standard. The residents of Dubai prefer to move along with time in terms of technological advancements to be successful. Hence, mobile applications development software houses have an abundance of opportunities to run their business fruitfully.

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