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The software development industry continues to change every year.  Not every software is developed for an individual user or users. The difficulty in the management of business operations manually has led developers to build Enterprise Software. Enterprise Software, also known as Enterprise Application Software (EAS), is computer software developed to cater to the needs of organizations such as businesses, charities, clubs, educational institutes, and government.

Enterprise software development adheres to the clear goal defined by the client. The software is not affordable to small businesses. Enterprise Application Software requires time and financial resources abundantly. The companies do not only pay for Enterprise Software Development; it also involves the cost of installing the software, maintenance, and technical support. The overall cost of developing an Enterprise Software depends upon various factors such as density of integration, the projected number of users, and several modules.

Nevertheless, well-crafted Enterprise software increases the efficiency of processes and profits in the long run. EAS has helped organizations to manage employees and other stakeholders. In universities, the software helps maintain teachers’ and students’ attendance through the internet or intranet. 

Top Trends of Enterprise Software Development in 2021

The digital world must keep up with the trends of Software Enterprise Development trends to stay upfront. As time goes by, the trends either altogether change or update the previous version. In 2021, the software development companies can provide enterprise software development services at a large scale due to Covid-19. To provide these services, the providers of Enterprise software development must follow the few trends:

  • Low-Code / No code development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Native and progressive apps
  • Human Augmentation
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment

2020 has been highly unpredictable for businesses and has changed the world’s perspective towards living life altogether. For businesses, it’s imperative to be adaptive to new digital trends.

The application of Enterprise Software helps organizations to have centralized control. It facilitates a structured work environment and rationalizes the operations.  Enterprise Software development goes through different phases; however, there is no particular process to develop software, and it can change as per the given requirements. Provided below are the basic steps:

  1. Devise a Plan
  2. Assessment
  3. Software Design
  4. Software Development
  5. Software Testing
  6. Deployment of the Software
  7. Maintenance

Top Enterprise Software Development Companies in Dubai

Large-scale companies widely use the Enterprise Application Software. The businesses have shifted their operations from a manual system to customized Enterprise Software. Due to the heavy budget spent on the enterprise software, you must evaluate every possible outcome. As we know, Dubai has moved towards digitization and continues to adapt to new technological advancements. For Enterprises in Dubai, who aspires to convert their manual operations to digital and centralized process, we have made the list of few of the top Software Companies. Let’s have a brief overview of these software companies:


 Based in Dubai, UAE, this firm provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and implementation. ADEPTSOL provides Sage ERP, customized ERP software, HR and Payroll software, CRM, and accounting software.


 AXOLONERP provides user-friendly customized ERP solutions with updated features and tools.


 This Company provides services of Enterprise Software Development to different businesses, which includes ERP, CRM, and Accounting software. Headquartered in Dubai, ABASCUSITS is a leading vendor of enterprise software development.


Pinnacle is offering its services in different sectors, for example, the government sector, healthcare, educational institutes, retail, manufacturing, and oil & gas. This company helps its clients to explore new opportunities and increase their profits.


 FACTS is also one of the best software development companies in Dubai, who is providing enterprise software development services related to ERP solutions, HR, and Payroll since 2008.


 Based in Dubai, this Enterprise software provider is known for its ERP solutions, PMS, HRMS, and hospitality ERP software.


This is one of the leading software companies that provide Enterprise app modernization, custom software development, and IoT development.


 Headquartered in Dubai, this software company provides the best enterprise software solutions to several companies. One of the prominent names is Bahrain Airport Company.


 This is an ERP software company providing online ERP, web-based ERP, Arabic ERP, HRMS, HR and Payroll software, and Accounting Software. It is evident from the last year’s situation of covid-19 that businesses cannot survive without investing in digital technologies. There are numerous Enterprise Software Service providers in the industry. Organizations, profit or non-profit, government or educational institutes must avail the opportunity to have enterprise software and digitize the processes to gain profits and to survive the competitive market. Companies can embark upon new journeys by developing enterprise software applications robust and manageable. Enterprise Software companies can bring revolution in the business world by developing new business applications with the latest trends in the industry.

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