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Meanwhile, app development companies are in the market for a very long time. However, their demand has increased in recent years. No doubt, technology has become advanced in recent years more than ever before. So here we are about to discuss the best app development companies. These app development companies are in a large number. However, we will discuss the top-rated companies so that you can avail the best services yourself.

Meanwhile, a decade ago, app development companies are use for developing apps for pcs and laptops. These apps were called desktop applications. However, in recent times these development companies are more focused on developing apps for mobile. One of the main reasons for this shift is due to increase in the number of mobile users. In addition, people are shifting towards miniaturization and speed. 

So, mobile is miniature, provides speed as well as affordable for the majority of users. On the other hand, desktops with basic features are so expensive these days that not everyone could afford them. As a result, the best app development companies are producing both desktop and mobile applications. But they also claim that the development of mobile apps is now in demand.

Now we will discuss simple app development and mobile app development.

App Development:

App development is a technical process of designing and developing apps. Further, these apps develop for desktops and pcs.

However, we have another type of app development in the market i.e.

Mobile App Development:

It is a process of developing apps for mobile devices. Moreover, these apps are limited to mobile devices only because they have a smaller user interface. Besides, the development of mobile app requires professional skills. It is also expensive to develop a very beginner version of the mobile app. Meanwhile, these apps are develop and then tested before they are launch in the market.

Types of App Developer:

Meanwhile, there are various types of apps developers. We will discuss them briefly.


  • In-house: These are the companies that hire individuals for app development. Further, they require office work. So, you have to work from there.
  • Outsource: These are the companies that hire remote app developers. Meanwhile, you can work from home for them.

Small Studios:

They consist of a small team such as a group of two people. Further, they deliver their best to their clients at a low rate as compared to enterprises.


A freelancer is an individual providing all services on their own. They are available in large numbers. But in reality, it is hard for one person to be excellent in all steps. Many individuals are working as freelancers in app development. However, they cost a lot as it requires effort and consistent hard work.

We have sketched the basics of the article. Now, we will list the best app development companies. Further, we will talk about the best app development company in the UK.

Development Companies:

  • Net sells:

It is a UK-based agency. They believe in providing services as a partner rather than a client-employee relation.

  • SEM Nexus:

Meanwhile, it is one of the top companies. It promises to convert your dream project into reality with its skilled and professional staff.

  • Hedgehog lab:

They claim that they have solved the biggest challenges in no time. 

  • Sonin:

They have a team of talented individuals.

  • Light IT:

It is one of the most reliable companies. In addition, its staff member is professional in their work.

  • 360 Degree Techno soft:                                    

They are in top-rated companies due to their creative approach. In addition, they provide a friendly environment to their clients.

  • The Distance:

They started their work in this market when the iPhone was launch. This point clearly shows their vast experience in this field.

  • GeekyAnts:

GeekyAnts provide quality and deliver in their stated time. Meanwhile, they have worked with more than 500 clients. In addition, they provide a variety of services.

  • OpenXcell:

 Its headquarters are in the USA. They claim that they use new technology and get familiar with innovations faster than any other company.

Best App Development Company In UK:

The NineHertz:

It is the best app development company in the UK. In addition, it is also secure for your projects as they sign a non-disclosure agreement before proceeding towards working on a projectMoreover, you canconsult them for free to discuss your project before making any decision.

In conclusion, we have discussed app development in detail. Moreover, we have mentioned several top-notch companies which offer extravagant services in reasonable amounts. However, app development will be a costly project. It takes 2000 hours for an app to develop. Meanwhile, by conversion, it approximately makes 83 days. App development is a time-taking project. In addition, effort and technical skill also matter. So, the amount of app development developers’ charges is mostly fair.

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