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Cyprus is drafting a comprehensive and holistic approach to emerge as the technological hub.  There is a vast software developer community in Cyprus. To appear as a center of IT innovation, the government is taking sound measures. Subsequently, the software companies in Cyprus are restructuring their recruitment strategies, providing more pre-requisites, and increasing salaries to attract software developers from abroad.

With the beginning of the new decade, a prominent influence of software development on the global economy is evident. After covid-19, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) took place across all the industries. Moreover, the online business community deems to take control over the global economy, hence transitioning stakeholders into a new technological era.

The emergence of Cyprus as Future Technological Hub

In compliance with the EU, the government of Cyprus is developing strategies to create opportunities for software companies. As a result, the leading software development companies, both regional and global, have established headquarters in Cyprus. Furthermore, after the unforeseen economic setbacks post covid-19, the demand for software development companies has gone up globally.

Elexoft Technologies in Cyprus:

Elexoft Technologies is one of the best software development companies in Pakistan. It has gained global recognition by working for several European, Middle East, and western countries, including Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, America, and UAE.

As the Cypriot government welcomes software developers from around the globe to strengthen the ICT, Elexoft Technologies aims to extend its services in Cyprus as well. The company has successfully worked on hundreds of projects related to web development, mobile app development, Customer Relationship Management, Content Management systems, Enterprise Solutions, Graphic Designing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Software Development Technologies Used By Elexoft:

The software developers work using different technologies and trends to provide the best service. This article will specifically discuss the leading technologies used for web development and mobile app development.

Mobile App Technologies

Elexoft provides high-performance and feature-packed mobile application services by using these technologies. There are four leading technologies Elexoft uses.

  • iOS App Development Services:

Elexoft Technologies offers the complete service of application design, incorporation, and management services. Whether the app is a consumer-oriented or enterprise-oriented solution, we start our mobile app development process from ideation and concept to delivery and post-installation services.

  • Android App Development Services:

Elexoft Technologies provides the top-notch quality service in terms of app development for Android. As the company is stepping in the Cypriot market to provide the best mobile app development services, it can help create a sound and solid solution that will work on any device.

  • React Native: 

Elexoft works using React Native Technology to produce the best results. This JavaScript framework is designed to help build native mobile applications for Android and iOS. It fulfills today’s market needs while creating a mobile app.

  • Flutter:

Another technology, which developers use at Elexoft Technology is Flutter. It is a portable UI toolkit for developing natively combined mobile, web, and desktop applications with a single codebase. Our developers have built modern Android and iOS using Flutter, which can compete with other mobile app developers in the global market.

Web Development Technologies

Developers at Elexoft Technologies work using web development technologies such as:

  • PHP (Laravel, Codeigniter, Yii framework)
  • Javascript (NodeJs, VueJs, AngularJs, D3Js, Jquery, and React Js).
  • PHP:

PHP, also known as ‘Hypertext Preprocessor, is used as an open-source scripting language globally. It operates on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, and MAC OX S. Elexoft works with Laravel, Codeigniter, and Yii Framework using PHP.

  • Laravel: We use Laravel to develop custom web application. This web framework deals with petty issues such as routing, templating HTML, and verification. Laravel is purely server-side due to running on PHP, focuses on data manipulation, and sticking to the Model View Controller’s design pattern (MVC).
  • CodeIgniter: This PHP framework is used for developing web applications. Codeigniter’s libraries help connect to the database and perform operations such as sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions, and creating mobile backups via emails. The PHP Codeigniter framework is the industry’s standard practice to work for web applications.
  • Yii: Our developers use this high-performance PHP framework to develop large-scale web applications. It enables maximum reusability in web programming and significantly activates your web application development process. The web applications maintained by Yii need a web server that ropes PHP 5.1.0.
  • JavaScript:

This programming language is universally used for web development. JavaScript allows implementing the complex features on web pages. The features such as interactive maps, animated 2D / 3D graphics, scrolling video jukeboxes are developed using JavaScript.

Top Software Companies in Cyprus

The need to create a digital world has produced many software companies globally. Cyprus is also paving opportunities for the tech industry. Furthermore, Octobot, Digis, Team4Solution, Start Light Soft, and Sync Digital Solutions are among the best software companies in Cyprus.

Best Software Company in London

London being a European City, is providing opportunities for their software developers. The covid-19 has hit London as well. Companies such as Intellect Soft UK, Inviqa, and Softwire are among those software development companies, which help create a robust digital presence for London.

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