Mobile App Development Services in Cyprus

The mobile app development in Cyprus have great importance now a days for every business. To move along with the EU, the Cyprus government is interested in new business trends. In today's competitive and global digital market, your business cannot afford to lag. It becomes highly crucial for an Enterprise to select the best mobile app development company in Cyprus for its business. Nevertheless, having a mobile application for your business has few benefits:

  • Your business becomes visible and accessible to customers regardless of the device they use.
  • The mobile app becomes the mode of direct marketing.
  • Brand recognition
  • Improved Customer engagement
  • The best mobile app will make your business stand out.

Statistics of Internet Users in Cyprus- 2021

According to Data Reportal, Cyprus had a population of 1.21 million in January 2021. There were 1.04 million users in January 2021. Moreover, the internet penetration of Cyprus remained at 86.1 % in January 2021. The statistics of internet users compared to the total population suggest the opportunities for mobile app development companies in Cyprus.

Mobile App Development in Cyprus

The industry of mobile app development in Cyprus has proliferated in the past few years. The mobile app developers embrace the change in tech trends in Cyprus. Therefore, the developers opt to offer the best user experience according to the customer's needs. The companies realized the need for mobile app development. Moreover, applications have become a necessity with iOS development and Android for having mobile-friendly website usage.

Elexoft Technologies in Cyprus

Elexoft Technologies is one of the leading software development agencies in Pakistan. It delivers the best mobile app development services globally. Founded in 2015, the company has completed hundreds of projects for multiple Entrepreneurs. Our developers have successfully worked on web development, digital marketing, Enterprise Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, and prominently mobile app development. Elexoft has maintained its name among the best mobile app development companies by working for the UK, US, Spain, Germany, Dubai, and Canada.

Mobile App Technologies Used by Elexoft Technologies

It is our core value to provide full-packed and high-end quality services to clients. Mobile app developers at Elexoft Technologies work using four leading mobile app technologies.

iOS App Development:

Being the best iOS app developers, we aim to provide the best application service for iPhones in Cyprus. Elexoft Technologies offers full-fledge application design, incorporation, and management services. Furthermore, our mobile app development process starts from ideation and concept to delivery to post-installation services. We work under the same process equally, whether the app is consumer-oriented and enterprise-oriented solutions.

Android App Development:

Elexoft Technologies provides sterling quality service while developing an app for Android. As the company moves into Cyprus's mobile app development market, it focuses on creating a sound and solid solution that will work on any device irrespective of the brand or your industry of operation.

React Native:

The developers at Elexoft works using React Native Technology to produce the best results. React Native is based on JavaScript framework designed to help build native mobile applications for Android and iOS. React Native is built on JavaScript Library developed by Facebook. It helps in creating a mobile app according to today's market standards.


Google produced Flutter. It is a portable UI toolkit for developing fine-looking, natively combined mobile, web, and desktop applications with a single codebase. Our developers have made modern Android and iOS using Flutter, which can compete with other mobile app developers in Cyprus’s mobile app industry.

Mobile Application Services Provided by Elexoft Technologies:

Elexoft Technologies takes enormous pride in offering mobile app development services in Cyprus. We consider it our privilege to deliver a sustainable experience to our clients. Our primary services include:

  • Native Application
  • Mobile Web Application
  • Hybrid Application

Native Application:

Native Applications are used universally among the other apps. These apps are designed for a specific native mobile platform such as Android or iOS. This Application is usually built in the language explicit to the system.

Mobile Web Application:

Mobile Web Applications only need a web browser to be installed on the device. It usually uses HTML and Ajax (and HTML5 components). The improved rich internet application (RIA) technologies, such as Flash, JavaFX, and Silverlight, might also be used.

Hybrid Application:

Hybrid apps are also installable on mobile devices similar to other applications. Hybrid apps integrate HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to directly work with the native app development. Hybrid Apps integrate the user experience with agile development and controlled cycles.

Mobile App Development Companies in Cyprus

Cyprus to bid with the EU has shifted the focus towards the tech world. The increased number of mobile users created a demand for mobile app development companies. Therefore, mobile app development companies from around the world have started offering their services in Cyprus. Companies such as 21Tweleve Interactive, Cocoon Creations, Avicoma, DIGIS, and StartLightSoft IT Company are among the best mobile app development companies of 2021 in Cyprus. The dedication, high-end services, and being well-run with the latest trends have helped Elexoft Technologies work in the mobile app industry of Cyprus.

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