Mobile App Development Services in Germany

The use of mobile devices has increased in the previous decade. The use of smartphones and mobile applications has drastically gone up over the past years. Hence, there is no better way for businesses to create their mobile app to reach out to the maximum population. European countries have always been an attractive region for the mobile app development industry to launch mobile applications and careers. Germany is on the top of the list of European countries for mobile app developers to work.

Internet and Smartphone Users’ Indicators in Germany

Due to the new normal, people prefer to work through a digital system. According to Datareportal, there were 78.81 million internet users in Germany in January 2021. The number of internet users has mounted by 1.0 million (+1.30%) between 2020 and 2021. As far the mobile connections are concerned, there were 112.9 million mobile connections in Germany reported in January 2021.
Mobile app development companies are responsible for creating, testing, and deploying mobile applications. The developers keep learning new programming languages to develop the best mobile apps for multiple podiums. As Germany has become the center of attraction for mobile app development companies due to increased smartphone users, the competition is getting tough day by day.

Elexoft Technologies’ Services in Germany

Elexoft Technologies is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Pakistan. Due to their expertise and overnight success in the industry, Elexoft has captured an abundance of opportunities in the west and European countries such as America, UK and is stepping into Germany's tech world.
Founded in 2015, Elexoft technologies have achieved incredible milestones within the short span of six years. The company has earned recognition worldwide through high-end mobile app development starting services starting from developing an app, testing, installation, and post-installment services. Elexoft provides mobile app development services using four leading mobile app development technologies.

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. React Native
  4. Flutter

iOS App Development

As one of the best iOS app development service providers, we can provide you with the best application service for iPhones in Germany, which will help you compete in the industry. Elexoft Technologies offers the full benefit of application design, incorporation, and management services. Whether the app is a consumer-oriented or enterprise-oriented solution, we initiate our mobile app development process from ideation and concept to delivery to post-installation services. Mobile app developers at Elexoft Technologies keep themselves well-run with the latest trends to meet the client's expectations.

Android App Development

Elexoft Technologies will provide you the top-notch quality service in terms of app development for Android. Within the short span of 6 years, Elexoft has achieved the best and emerging android developer in Pakistan. As the company is stepping into Germany's mobile app development market to deliver the best mobile app development services, it assures to create a sound and solid solution that will work on any device regardless of the brand or your industry of operation.

React Native

Elexoft works using React Native Technology and yields the best outcomes. React Native is a JavaScript framework designed to help build native mobile applications for Android and iOS. React Native is based on JavaScript Library developed by Facebook. It reverberates with today's market needs, hence, creating a mobile app.


The Flutter is another technology, which developers use at Elexoft Technology. Google produces Flutter. It is a portable UI toolkit for developing fine-looking, natively amassed mobile, web, and desktop applications from a single codebase. Our developers have made modern Android and iOS using Flutter, which can compete with other mobile app developers in Germany’s mobile app industry.

Mobile Application Services Provided by Elexoft Technologies:

Elexoft Technologies takes enormous pride in offering mobile app development services in Germany as well. We consider it our privilege to deliver a sustainable experience to our clients in Germany. The primary services that we offer include:

Native Application:

Native Application is the precisely built app for a particular mobile device and installed directly onto the device itself. This Application is generally made in the language explicit to the system.

Mobile Web Application:

Mobile Web Application refers to applications for mobile devices, which only need a web browser to be installed on the device. It conventionally uses HTML and Ajax (and HTML5 components). The augmented rich internet application (RIA) technologies, such as Flash, JavaFX, and Silverlight, might also be used.

Hybrid Application:

Hybrid apps are also installable on mobile devices like many other applications. Hybrid apps integrate HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to directly condense the native app development. Hybrid Apps incorporates the user experience with an agile development cycle and controlled cycles.

Mobile App Development Companies in Germany

Germany is one of those European countries, becoming the center of attraction for mobile app development countries. Mobile app development companies from around the globe have started offering their services in Germany. Companies such as Lean Apps, Diviniti, Apzumi, DOIT software, Intetics Inc., and Powercode are among the top mobile app development companies of 2021 operating in Germany.
Elexoft Technology keeps up with new technological trends to gain a competitive edge in the market. The starvation for recent trends and providing the best experience to clients will help Elexoft maintain rapport in the German market.

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