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The year that will mark the future of digitization in Pakistan and in the world is ending. Some of the trends in application development have emerged that will make 2021 a leap in the evolution of mobile devices. Without a doubt, the pandemic has made companies lose their fear of technology.

1. – 5G technology

Although it is still early, the arrival of 5G technology represents a true revolution in what can be done from mobile terminals.

Without a doubt, the arrival of 5G technology will revolutionize the way we connect to applications. Speed ​​and above all efficiency will be the essential characteristics of this new way of connecting.

Another important factor expected with the arrival of 5G is the decrease of up to ten times in latency while improving the overall network performance and traffic capacity. That is, we are talking about a technology that will be up to 100 times faster and more powerful compared to 4G.

2. – Cloud-based apps

Another trend that we have already been observing in recent months is the increase in the application developments that use the cloud as a place to store content.

Today no one doubts the success of the famous cloud to store and transfer data of all kinds: photographs, documents, and even backup copies are some of the files that everyone already saves in the cloud. In fact, rare is the user who stores on CD or other external devices such as USB.

Taken to the smartphone, the same thing happens. More and more application developments focused on a cloud storage are in demand. As we have already seen, native applications are stored on the user’s smartphone and therefore use their memory, this does not happen with web apps that precisely have a strength in being able to be used from the browser.

3. – Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence allows applications to automatically learn about the behavior of each user. One of the trends that will stand out the most during the next 2021 is based on this line.

Application development teams are actively working on the design of apps with the ability to attend, observe and analyze user behavior patterns in order to offer an accurate result.

This technology is what is known as machine learning. The app learns about your behavior and will make your life easier. For this, it also has very favorable technology that complements this learning: for example, geolocation.

Companies will be able to automate different complex tasks that will allow them to increase their productivity. Machines increasingly incorporate software capable of connecting with each other and transmitting that knowledge.

4. – Internet of things

The previous point gives rise to another growing trend that has to do with the IoT or the Internet of things. In recent years, the proliferation of connected products has grown by 200%.

The integration of devices such as Alexa, Google, or even Apple connected through mobile applications makes 2021 a year in which the Internet of Things takes hold.

Smartphone users can simply control the many electronic devices that are available at home. In 2021, the Internet of Things will become the preferred choice for mobile app developers.

5. – AMP: web pages accelerated by Google

The Google Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) has been consolidated. It is becoming more and more common to find this type of page while browsing. The fact that the search engine itself promotes and positions them better undoubtedly increases their spread.

In this way, estimates predict that during 2021 AMP programming will be one of the trends and how could it be otherwise this will affect the development of mobile applications since they are creating complex websites in a responsive design that adapts to all mobile devices. The very structure of AMP programming makes web pages load faster and convey a better user experience.

Undoubtedly the arrival of new technology such as 5G added to the new normal in which digitization and immersion in technology have been imposed will set the new trends for 2021.

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