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Whenever someone thinks of starting a startup, a stream of thoughts rushes into his mind. The thing that is the same for someone looking for the Android and IOS apps development in Pakistan. Elexoft is a top software house in Pakistan working on best mobile apps development. What matters in the search is to bring out the best. In this article we list eight areas of investment in mobile marketing.

What do statistics say?

Millennial today have spent more than half of their day browsing their smartphones. According to reports presented by Statistic, mobile apps are expected to generate billions of worth of value through advertising and app stores. The number it explains why you need to invest in the mobile apps industry. In this case, you must understand how you can surprise your audience.

Unique application ideas you can work on:

Finding an application idea is an easy task, but having a brilliant application idea requires a great effort. The digital space in which we live today is heavily application-oriented. None of our work is done without using the applications. Taking advantage of this opportunity, application designers now offer different types of applications that meet all the requirements of users.

E-commerce and online sales:

The sales / purchase app is one of the trends in the mobile market right now. With the maximum number of people dealing with older products, this type of applications are widely used. As soon as you open the app, you can see the different types of items that are on sale.

By using appropriate filters, you can see the price of the item. You can choose the item you want to buy depending on the price and the details of the item.

Donate leftover food:

Our old textbooks have always taught us never to waste food. Thanks to food donation applications, it has become much easier to donate meals.

Food leftovers from homes, parties and gatherings could be stored in a clean place and transferred to people in camps, charities, homeless shelters and other pantries.

This type of application is one of the best ways to make sure you do not waste food. If you want to distribute your leftover food, you can simply check the application and click on the donation button. An experienced professional in the process of handling local food would come to your place and take the leftover food from your door step.

Billing & taxation:

How often do you find yourself sitting at your desk worrying about your tax payment? One of the best Android and ios app ideas for managing your expenses is the tax app. With this application, users can calculate the amount of tax they have to pay based on their income.

Plus, the app ensures you pay the right amount of tax. It also helps generate invoices that helps eliminate your business hassle. This type of application has proved very useful for small and medium-sized businesses.

Learning foreign languages:

Language applications are currently very popular among students and people who want to learn a new language. This type of application has eliminated the presence of a physical classroom. With the online language app, users are now able to enter the foreign language very easily.

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