This is the age of technology and globalization and world is making a rapid progress in these fields. The trends are changing and everything in today’s world is becoming computerized. Which has made a great impact on overall economy of the world.  Pakistan is the 4th largest technological market in the world. There are over 2000 software houses in Pakistan. Offering services in web development, crm system, digital marketing and mobile apps development etc. We’ll talk about some of the top 10 software houses in Pakistan.


NetSol is one of the top 10 software houses in Pakistan. Which is based in Lahore and they are renowned worldwide because of their technological expertise. Quality assurance as well as data analysis are their top-rated field of work. They are also extraordinary when it comes to financial consultancy. Their security systems are also very much popular not only in Pakistan but worldwide.

Systems Limited:

As far as computer solutions are concerned, Systems Limited are in the list of some of Pakistan’s leading most software house. And they are working simultaneously from Lahore and Karachi. They provide their services not only in Pakistan. But they have expanded themselves to Middle East as well as in Europe. Which made this software house the best choice for technological related tasks.


In the field of IT, this particular software is considered as a hub of IT solution. TechAbout are located in Lahore. And their field of word in IT is specifically healthcare and education. Both these field are essential for any country to grow which is why they are of supreme importance.  Consultancy, prototyping, coding and quality assurance are some of the proficiencies of this software house. Which is in the list of top 10 software houses of Pakistan.


Software development is need of today’s world. And this particular software house of Pakistan is standing tall amongst all as far as software development is concerned. They are highly appreciable when it comes to website development, designs, and logos. The most important thing which is SEO (search engine optimization). Creating unique designs is also their specialty.


It is technological company which is located in Lahore. It is ranked as one of the top 10 software houses of Pakistan. They are unique in their field as they mingle business intelligence with (CRM) customer services management with resource planning. They are accepted worldwide as they are very popular in United States of America and in China.


Xavor is known for impeccable client management. They are located software house in Lahore and they are IT, market giants. They provide significant-tech management and business-related solutions to their clients. Which has enabled them to be in the list of top 10 software houses.


The resource group (TRG) provides their services from Lahore as well as from Karachi. When it comes to BPO, there is no on up-to their level as they are jack of all trades in the field of BPO. From testing to design development they will provide you all their best possible services with utmost class. This is the reason that they are one of the top 10 software houses in Pakistan.


Macrosoft limited is an organization established way back in October 2006 in Lahore, Pakistan. They made rapid progress and they didn’t look back once they get the ball rolling. Quality products has been the priority of Macrosoft in all these years. Their software development procedures are also idiosyncratic.

Zepto Systems:

They are bunch of guys who are extremely expert in the field of information technology. According to Zepto, each client deserves equal sort of attention. And they are not concerned about the size of business of their clients. And this equality has made this software house in the list of top 10 software houses in Pakistan.


Kalsoft is a software house locate in Karachi and Islamabad. Their main idea is to bring much needed innovation in the field of IT and software development. Which is highly liked aspect about them in market. Due to their pre-eminent strategies and in the domains of IT, they are a brand in UAE, Oman and in Middle East.

Elexoft, fastest growing software house in Pakistan.


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