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Until recently, sites aimed at a Pakistani-speaking audience were not recommended to be hosted on foreign web hosting due to the low download speed of sites due to geographical remoteness. With the development of communication channels and other Internet technologies, the problem has become irrelevant. The difference in response time between Pakistan and foreign hosting is so small that it can be neglected.

At the same time, foreign hosting has certain advantages, which makes it attractive in the eyes of webmasters. First, tough competition has forced foreign providers to reduce the price threshold for their services to a minimum. Secondly, the technical equipment of web hosting platforms in Europe and America, as well as the level of technical support, is much higher than in Pakistan. Thirdly, most foreign providers offer unlimited tariffs without restricting traffic, sites, FTP accounts, etc.

The European and American site-building markets are full of a variety of hosting services offers. Nevertheless, among the providers, there are indisputable leaders, whose services are also successfully used by domestic webmasters.

1. Bluehost

BlueHost is rightfully considered the best web hosting on the foreign hosting market. More than 2 million sites around the world have been created on its platform. The company has been operating since 2003, and since 2010 it has been part of the international group Endurance International Group, which promotes Internet access and the development of small businesses. In addition, BlueHost is one of three providers officially recommended by WordPress.


The list of services provided by the hoster includes:

  • virtual hosting on SSD disks using resource protection technology from server overload;
  • WordPress web hosting with automatic installation and engine updates, Staging Environment test environment for making changes, hundreds of themes;
  • Lease of dedicated servers using the latest open source technologies such as OpenStack and RAID1 virtualization technology.

When you pay for any shared hosting plan for a year, you get a domain as a gift.

Another interesting feature is the use of web hosting for corporate mail based on Microsoft Office 365. In addition to the mail service, you also get access to tools for managing your business, tasks, and personnel.

Advantages and disadvantages

The provider has an impressive list of advantages:

  • high performance and uninterrupted operation of servers
  • improved cPanel on shared web hosting and the ability to install any panel on virtual and dedicated servers;
  • free SSL certificate for all sites;
  • ideal conditions for hosting sites on WordPress;
  • simple and friendly user interface;
  • money-back guarantee within 30 days;
  • the free domain name for 1 year;
  • extensive knowledge base;
  • Active round-the-clock support.

However, the webmaster will have to face some unpleasant moments when choosing BlueHost. The cost of tariffs is indicated without VAT and subject to payment for 3 years, the final price will be calculated only upon ordering. You will also have to pay separately for connecting additional functions.

The cost

There are 4 service packages available on shared hosting, costing from $ 2.95 to $ 13.95 per month. The lower plan has restrictions on disk space, the number of sites, domains, and subdomains. There are no explicit limits for higher tariffs.

Separate lines of tariffs are developed for sites created on WordPress.

WordPress Hosting – hosting for small WordPress sites. The cost of plans is from $ 2.95 to $ 6.95 per month.

WP Pro – hosting for professional WP sites with advanced optimization and promotion tools. The cost of plans is from $ 19.95 to $ 49.95 per month.

Ecommerce – hosting for stores built with WordPress + WooCommerce. The cost of the tariffs is from $ 6.95 to $ 12.95 per month.

The cost of the VPS – from $ 19.99 to $ 59.99 per month. You get full access to configuration settings, 2-4 cores, 30-120 GB on SSD, 2-8 GB of RAM.

2. Hostgator

Hostgator is an American web hosting company with US data centers. However, in any case, you will have to speak English with support specialists – apart from the cost of tariffs, nothing is localized on the hosting.


HostGator is a typical modern hosting that offers to cover all the needs of a webmaster within one platform. The following services are available on it:

  • virtual hosting for Windows and Linux with unlimited disk space and unlimited traffic;
  • virtual private servers with Root access;
  • various configurations of dedicated servers;
  • Reseller hosting for Windows and Linux. You buy a large number of services and then distribute them to your customers – for example, you create custom-made websites and store them on your own hosting, for which you charge money;
  • Domain registration.

To attract customers, the hoster offers free website transfer to its servers. Plus, you’ll get free SSL and a 45-day money-back guarantee – these conditions apply to all plans.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of HostGator are unlimited storage and unlimited traffic on shared web hosting. Of course, there are still some restrictions, otherwise the servers would simply burst from the load. When the specified limits are reached, you will be asked to switch to a more powerful tariff – this is done so that users do not take resources from each other.

Other pluses include:

  • average server uptime – 99.99%;
  • fast loading of pages;
  • using a CDN to deliver content to regions far from the physical location of data centers;
  • free transfer of sites from another hosting;
  • Round-the-clock support, a user forum, the informative knowledge base for webmasters.

The cost

The cost of shared hosting depends on the OS used. On Linux servers, only one tariff is available with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. The minimum payment term is 1 year, the cost per month is 774 pkr. If you buy a tariff for 3 years, 1 month will cost you almost 218 pkr less – 567 pkr.

3. SiteGround

SiteGround is another leader in site building with a network of data centers in Europe, America, and Asia. Despite the remote geographic location, the CDN connection provides high data transfer rates. Hosting has gained popularity due to its focus on sites built with the popular engines WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, although the platform’s technical capabilities are capable of satisfying developers of all levels.


The hosting is distinguished by high performance not only due to the connection to the Cloudflare CDN but also due to the presence of its own caching mechanism, the use of SSD-drives, the network protocol HTTP / 2 and PHP7.

Uptime of 99.9% is provided by building a platform based on Linux containers, isolating client accounts from each other, and a built-in server monitoring system.

Thanks to these technologies, even shared hosting guarantees the stable operation of sites. A convenient constructor is available on all shared hosting tariff plans, which allows beginners to create sites by dragging and dropping elements.

WordPress web hosting allows you to create a functional resource on the platform of a popular engine in a few clicks, incl. online stores WooCommerce.

The provider’s services also include:

  • scalable fully managed cloud hosting;
  • dedicated servers with installation and support of the necessary software;
  • Reseller hosting.

Advantages and disadvantages

SiteGround’s web hosting can be rated highly due to the following aspects:

  • development of own and implementation of the latest technologies in the field of storage, protection, and transmission of data;
  • high performance and uptime;
  • constant monitoring and prevention of safety;
  • free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate integration;
  • Having an official recommendation.

However, the provider’s pricing policy is not entirely transparent. Users are not advised that an additional $ 14.95 will be charged upon billing. Paying for services for a long period will avoid additional costs.

The cost

Shared, WordPress and WooCommerce hosting have three pricing plans ranging from $ 0.33 to $ 11.95 per month. At the cheapest tariff you can create 1 website, there are no restrictions on other tariffs. The rates have strict restrictions on the number of visitors per month. The maximum available value for shared hosting is 100,000 people.

4. Hostpapa

Hostpapa is an American hoster with offices in the USA and Canada. Suitable for hosting small business websites and aspiring webmasters. Offers a standard set of services: hosting, domain registration, website builder, mail, marketing tools.


Hostpapa provides users with everything they need to create and develop a website:

  • virtual hosting
  • tariffs optimized for CMS WordPress
  • e-commerce hosting
  • virtual private servers in different configurations
  • domain name registration
  • automatic creation of backups
  • protection of the site from viruses and hacks
  • marketing tools, including setting up the mailing list and CRM system
  • mail hosting
  • team management tools
  • website builder with the visual editor
  • Ordering the development of a finished website to save your time.

On shared hosting, the popular cPanel is used for management. On a VPS, you can install WHM or SolusVM for free.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of Hostpapa web hosting, we note:

  • high rates of uptime – about 99.93%
  • environmental friendliness – the hoster cooperates with organizations that are engaged in the production of renewable energy
  • additional tools to protect and promote the site
  • responsive and competent technical support (in English)
  • money-back guarantee within 30 days after payment
  • Integration with CDN and the use of caching technologies to increase download speed.

The main disadvantage of Hostpapa is the high cost of services and the constant desire to get even more money from the user. Even if you buy the most expensive plan, sooner or later you will still have to pay extra for some useful function – for example, advanced site protection or an upgrade of the backup system. Some products are added to the cart automatically, in addition to other services. Therefore, be careful when paying in order not to buy something that you are not going to use.

The cost

Shared hosting costs from $ 3.95 to $ 12.95 per month. At the minimum tariff, you can create 2 sites, at the two higher tariffs, the number of projects is not limited.

Hostpapa offers optimized WordPress pricing plans. The price is the same as for shared hosting, which is a pleasant surprise. The only difference is that on WordPress plans you get a space optimized for the popular CMS.

5. DreamHost

DreamHost is a popular foreign web hosting provider that has been operating since 1997.


DreamHost provides users with services for creating various web projects. Here you will find:

  • virtual hosting;
  • virtual private servers;
  • dedicated servers;
  • cloud hosting;
  • various pricing lines for WordPress sites: standard hosting, managed with increased performance, for e-commerce with automatic addition of the WooCommerce plugin;
  • built-in website builders;
  • domain name registration;
  • Email hosting and tools for organizing teamwork.

One of the DreamHost features is the Grow section, which contains materials for webmasters. Experienced website developers can also be interested – some topics reveal the hosting capabilities from a new angle.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of DreamHost is its high speed. This applies to all aspects of hosting activities, from downloading the control panel to delivering content to users. Compression technologies, CDN servers, and solid-state drives are used to maintain high speeds. Among other advantages, we note:

  • unlimited disk space on virtual hosting plans;
  • free SSL;
  • using content delivery networks to speed up page loading on the user side;
  • optimized rates for WordPress;
  • Money-back guarantee within 97 days after payment of the tariff.

Among the disadvantages of hosting, we note the lack of a stable backup system, low performance of PHP scripts, as well as the high cost of tariffs – among American hosting you can find offers 2-3 times cheaper. Western users also complain about the lack of technical support by phone, but this is unlikely to become a serious problem for webmasters from the Pakistani Internet – you can get advice via chat or e-mail.

The cost

There are 2 tariffs available on shared hosting: Starter for $ 4.95 per month and Unlimited for $ 10.95 per month. The key difference between the two is the number of sites that can be created on one account. The starter is suitable for newbies who are doing 1 project and checking if it will be popular. Unlimited is a solution for webmasters who need a lot of small sites.

In the line of VPS tariffs, the choice is already richer: 4 tariffs costing from $ 15 to $ 120 per month. The number of sites on them is not limited, the traffic is unlimited, as is the mail hosting.

Dedicated servers are available in two main configurations – Standard (4 cores, 8 threads) and Enhanced (12 cores, 24 threads). Optionally selectable amounts of RAM and storage. The cost of the minimum configuration Standard is $ 149 per month, Enhanced is $ 279 per month.

6. Liquid Web

LiquidWeb is an American web hosting with 5 own data centers. The company manages the domains of tens of thousands of clients in about 130 countries around the world. One of the features of this provider is the intuitive hosting management when paying for which you relieve yourself of most of the administrative responsibilities and concentrate on the creative development of the project.


There are no tariffs below $ 15 per month, so if your budget is limited, it is better to look towards other providers right away.

Liquid Web offers webmasters:

  • Fully managed hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce. Specialists are responsible for software updates and security. This applies not only to the CMS but to all installed plugins.
  • Free transfer of finished sites from another hosting.
  • Full access to server and developer tools.
  • Improved control panel on rates for WordPress. The installed CMS has additional tools for managing visual components, selecting the PHP version, enabling/disabling caching.
  • Pre-installed themes for e-commerce sites with WooCommerce plans.
  • Premium technical support. The hoster came up with the “59” rule – it takes no more than 59 seconds to answer my phone and in online chat, and no more than 59 minutes to get technical support. If the operator is not responsible for the allotted time, you will receive a 10-hour support credit.

In addition, Liquid Web guarantees uninterrupted availability of sites, except in cases of planned maintenance, malicious attacks, legal action against you, or problems with CPanel.

Advantages and disadvantages

Speed tests show outstanding results. Uptime is also close to 100%. Servers are extremely rare, and problems are quickly resolved.

Among other advantages, we note:

  • Managed hosting service packages, upon choosing which all responsibilities for updating and protecting hosting are transferred to the support service;
  • built-in firewall and DDoS protection at all tariffs;
  • an excellent knowledge base for self-managing hosting;
  • when you renew your subscription, the cost of the tariff does not increase

Site pages load as if you were accessing them through a VPN. This is due to the remote location of the servers in relation to the eastern hemisphere.

There is also a lack of email hosting mail hosting for managed WordPress plans. This contradicts the very logic of a managed plan, which should remove all technical responsibilities from the webmaster.

The cost

The hosting provider offers a huge number of products suitable for solving various problems: creating small sites, shops, game servers, medical information stored in accordance with the requirements of US law. Consider the main lines of tariffs and their cost:

  • Dedicated Servers – Fully customizable physical machines, starting at $ 119 per month.
  • Dedicated Private Servers (VPS) – high performance and full access to configuration settings, starting at $ 15 per month.
  • Cloud servers – flexible solutions that combine the performance of a dedicated server and the scalability of cloud hosting, starting at $ 15 per month.
  • VMWare Private Cloud – the benefits of cloud technologies with a dedicated server protection level, starting at $ 1599 per month.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting – Optimized plans for WordPress sites starting at $ 19 per month.
  • Managed Hosting for WooCommerce – turnkey solutions for productive stores starting at $ 19 per month.
  • Server clusters – hosting platforms for your business, starting at $ 743 per month.
  • Server for self-deployment VPS cost from $ 329 per month.
  • HIPAA – specialized hosting for medical institutions with special data storage conditions, starting at $ 299 per month.
  • Hosting for storing critical databases, starting at $ 1.5 per month.


Foreign hosting providers offer favorable conditions for hosting sites. The location of their offices is not that important. With caching systems and CDN connectivity, sites load quickly even in remote regions.

Best Overseas web Hosting – Bluehost. It offers a wide range of tariffs. Alternatively, Hostgator and SiteGround can be considered. These sites also provide quality services, they are recommended by professional developers.


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