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According to marketers, creating an iOS app can become an additional promotion channel for all types of businesses. The number of Apple fans only grows every year, both among entrepreneurs and among people with middle and high incomes. They actively use various applications to facilitate routine tasks – an alarm clock, an online calculator, an online store, a translator, etc.

Owners of iOS technology are of particular interest to businessmen who want to take profit to the next level. Why? Because this is a multi-million audience of potential customers with good purchasing power indicators. If, in addition to the site, you create an iOS application, then you can communicate with customers through mobile gadgets that are next to them 24/7.


  • Convenience and style of the interface
  • Creation of a new distribution channel
  • Financially secured segment target audience
  • Increased profits (through paid apps and monetization)
  • Formation of a positive reputation and image
  • Informing the target audience
  • The attraction of new clients
  • Expansion of the partner network
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty to it


Perhaps the only drawback of developing an IOS application is the relatively high cost of creation.

Some people think that creating an ios application is fabulous money, they say, we will invest 1000 dollars, and no one will even download the application. Such a scenario is unlikely: marketers, at the concept development stage, investigate the business niche, target audience and its desires/needs, competitors, and then decide whether to create a mobile application for IOS. Therefore, it is important to understand at the initial stage whether your application will pay off or not, so let’s figure out what depends on and how much it costs to create an application on ios.

The cost of creating an application for ios is influenced by:

Developer portfolio.

A sort of business card for the developer, which may be in its arsenal a numerous amount of work, but quite primitive and mediocre. A good specialist is not the one who did a lot, but the one who created the ios application with high quality.

Application type.

There are 3 main types of apps: native, hybrid, and web apps. Each of them has specific elements, the cost of which can vary significantly.

IOS application structured architecture.

A well-designed code architecture when developing an ios app is of course a significant plus. When a developer initially splits it into modules when creating an ios application, implements an interface, this significantly increases the cost of an ios application, but at the same time gives confidence that the work will go well, smoothly and, most importantly, the result will be the one you expected.

Interface design

A catchy design is 88% of an app’s success. It is not an easy task to think over the design and arrangement of all elements of an ios application in detail and requires a long and painstaking work, which significantly increases the cost of creating an ios application.


Whether the application will be developed in 2 months or half a year, this will significantly affect the cost of creating an ios application.

How much does it cost to create an iOS app?

To create an ios application of average complexity, it takes about 200-400 hours, taking into account that a team of developers, designers, content managers, and testers will work on the application. The working hour of an IOS specialist varies from 25 to 50 €. Along with this, additional costs should be taken into account.

Is it possible to save money?

Of course, the main thing is that these savings do not affect the final result. Reduce the list of requirements. For example, you can reduce the amount of implemented functionality, or if you don’t need a corporate style, you can get by with a template version.

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