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It’s time to rethink. The world has changed so quickly and dramatically that now 100% of business owners have realized the urgent need to develop the Internet version of their business. In turn, digital marketing has also adapted to the realities of life: it has acquired new methods, relevant tools, and trends. In the near future, modern internet marketing methods will dominate, which I will discuss in this article.

What is internet marketing?

Any one-time or complex method of communication on the Internet between a seller of goods / services and a potential buyer is Internet marketing. At the very beginning of its development, digital marketing took over all aspects of traditional marketing, and today it is constantly supplemented by digital means of customer relationship.

The hallmarks of digital marketing are:

  • interactivity
  • targeting
  • The ability to conduct web analytics.

The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to increase the profits of an entrepreneur or company. The goal is achieved exclusively due to the attraction of visitors (subscribers) of the Internet resource and their transformation into potential, and then into loyal customers.

What are the methods of internet marketing?

The traditional methods of Digital marketing are:

1. SEO-optimization.

Includes technical optimization of the Internet resource and its audit. As a set of measures, SEO has the goal of improving the position of the site in popular search engines (Bing and Google).

2. SMM promotion.

A modern person, on average, spends 2 hours and 22 minutes a day on social networks. At the same time, more than 60% of information is absorbed by the brain in the form of pictures. The most effective means of SMM optimization are video materials, as well as text and graphic blocks.

3. E-mail distribution.

A basic tool for communicating with potential buyers. The key to the success of email marketing will be consent to receive a letter from the addressee, high-quality content, correct sending frequency and process automation.

4. Content Marketing.

The key point for content marketing is the practical benefits that the content of the site can bring to the reader (visitor, subscriber). The presence or absence of benefits determines the degree of trust and loyalty to a resource, product or service.

5. Contextual advertising.

Thanks to modern technologies, each Internet user receives advertising information in the search network, according to personal requests. The advantages are high efficiency, efficiency, targeting, transparent payment system.

6. Display advertising, including banners and video marketing.

The visual way of presenting information has exploded in popularity since 2018. Unlike TV ads, online video ads are inexpensive and targeted.

7. Influence marketing.

Advertising through bloggers is a powerful lever for audience control. It is also a great opportunity to get feedback directly from people.

8. Services of chat, callback and CRM (from English Customer Relationship Management).

After attracting visitors to the site / channel, it becomes necessary to retain them and assist in the purchase. For this, special services are created: chat, callback and an automated program for monitoring visitor actions.

10. Landing pages.

Landing pages have a specific purpose: registration or purchase. Also, landing pages can be a platform for testing business ideas (research data is much cheaper than specialized marketing surveys).

11. Messengers.

Compared to social networks, messengers have a

50% post view ability (Facebook). This is due to the fact that posts from channels come to the same section as messages from friends. Accordingly, the effectiveness of 10,000 subscribers will be equal to the effectiveness of 50,000 people on Facebook.

New Ways and Techniques in Internet Marketing

In 2020, the standard scheme of online purchases “advertising-click-site-purchase” no longer yields the same results. Purchase mechanisms are becoming more technologically advanced and much more complicated, point decisions are a thing of the past.

New internet marketing methods include a set of trends:

  • personalization and dialogue with customers
  • understanding of human psychology
  • process automation
  • Ratio of quality and transparency of advertising material.


The key to making a profit in the digital space is the correct positioning of your business. Achieving the goal is possible only through the formation of a positive image of the company, increasing brand awareness in the market, increasing consumer loyalty, and constant traffic to the target audience. These are the tasks that internet marketing is doing.

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