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Which of us has not stumbled upon video ads on YouTube. Surely such an advertisement does not please you: it steals valuable time, distracts and simply annoys you. But it’s worth noting that the video ad format allows you to convey product information to users in an entertaining way. And, unlike video advertising on television, it’s more accurate to reach the target audience.

In my article, I will share my experience working with video ads on YouTube and list the main points that you should pay attention to when setting it up. I must say right away that here you will not find advice on how to write a script, select actors or choose a location for filming – this is for you in another blog.

Work with video bloggers

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There are many channels on YouTube that span many areas and industries. Based on the interests of the target audience, find popular video bloggers and contact them. As practice shows, even the most commonplace things sometimes work. For example, one well-known auto blogger skillfully veiled advertising and shot a video about how he changed a dead car battery. The result exceeded all expectations.

Create info feeds

Difficulties with the content plan are not only yours. After all, video bloggers are also people and are constantly looking for interesting topics. So do not hesitate to tell about yourself or invite to a presentation. It may work, and they will shoot a video about you

Define the purpose of advertising

YouTube advertising allows you to choose from several formats – these are short screensaver ads that should not be missed, and less intrusive ads in recommended videos. Depending on the goals of your campaign, you can choose the most suitable submission method. It’s time to turn to the advertising opportunities of YouTube. To set up video ads, let’s go all the same Google AdWords.

Specify the target audience

Do not forget to set the correct targeting settings depending on the goals of the campaign and the interests of the target audience. It is unlikely that men will be interested in watching about mascara, and girls – about tool kits.

Add a call to action

In ordinary contextual advertising, a link to a site is a banner or advertisement in the search. On YouTube, you can lure users to the site using the overlay. The overlay is a call to action link that appears in the lower-left corner of the video and free video gaming ads. But this feature is not available until you link your AdWords and YouTube accounts.

Do not show ads to those who saw it

To reach as many users as possible on a tight budget, I recommend negative remarketing. It allows you not to show the video to users who have already seen it. To do this, go to the “Video targeting” tab and select “Remarketing.

Specify age restrictions

If you are promoting a video in Russia, do not forget to add an age limit to the title. Without this, your videos will not be moderated, and YouTube will not show your ads.

Video advertising on YouTube allows you to describe the benefits of your product in various forms: from a serious presentation to self-irony, which, as a rule, does not leave users indifferent.

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