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For another 3-4 years, search engine promotion was quite enough to feel great in the online business. But a new era has recently begun that is having a major impact on previously adopted approaches to online marketing. And its name is digital marketing!

What is digital marketing? In a broad sense, it is a type of marketing activity that involves the use of various promotion methods using modern digital opportunities.

Digital promotion channels include:

  • SEO promotion;
  • teaser and contextual advertising;
  • display advertising;
  • promotion in social media and blogs (SMM);
  • viral advertising;
  • Creation of mobile applications, etc.

Internet marketing has rapidly evolved and become digital (digital). It increasingly uses complex strategies for online promotion, creating websites and applications; creativity, high-quality copywriting, contextual advertising, social activity, and other interactive tools are gaining increasing importance.

Specificity and channels of digital-marketing:

Emphasis on the Internet and the devices that provide access to it – smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.

Reporting information through mobile devices. Therefore, the creation of branded applications, the use of WOW-calls is becoming more and more popular, replacing actively used advertising SMS and MMS-mailings.

Another relevant digital marketing channel is social media. Here people exchange data, communicate and play with each other. At the same time, socialization is taking on an increasingly large-scale framework, so a full-fledged integration of the Internet and social media is maturing.

Digital television. It is gradually replacing analogs, acquiring various applications for SMART-TV, etc. Today, even with the help of a TV, a user can go to VK or YouTube, read news on the Internet, etc.

Outdoor advertising is increasingly being replaced by interactive screens, POS terminals and other digital devices, which are increasingly found in shops, public transport and just on the streets. Such digital otters allow you to more closely influence a potential buyer, catching his attention and helping him make a decision.

Various applications for smartphones and tablets make it possible to study, play games, watch movies. Touchscreen devices are actively penetrating various areas of life.

Another application area for digital marketing is various forms of art, in which the PC is a tool for creating something special. This is digital art that helps to create drawings, installations, music and sounds, original videos or even games.

In the field of digital marketing, modern advertising companies and agencies provide the following types of services:

  • creating a digital marketing strategy and brand promotion in a digital environment;
  • development of promotional sites;
  • launching contextual and display advertising campaigns;
  • Online PR;
  • creation and maintenance of publics and groups in social networks;
  • Organization of various offline events, promotions, contests, etc.

Digital marketing is actively improving and developing. New ways of influencing the target audience and Internet users in general appear regularly. The goal of digital marketing is interaction and bringing it to a new level of quality. Today, buyers independently form services and goods, can directly communicate with representatives of firms, and comment on any promotions while waiting for a response. At the same time, a small business without great financial capabilities is able to effectively promote a brand on the Internet, convey information about goods and services to the audience, gradually growing into a successful, large-scale corporation.

Get started in digital marketing right away by ordering a digital strategy. We will help you assess all the strengths of modern digital opportunities and teach you how to use them for the success of your business!

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