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The progression in artificial intelligence has made the lives of people a lot better and easier. AI robots are capable of carrying out complex human tasks in a very efficient manner. 

If you are a writer, then in this article, you will find some truly amazing work of artificial intelligence to help writers with their field. 

We all know technology has replaced almost all the manual ways of doing work. If we talk about data entry jobs, we can see people using optical character recognition technology to ease their work. 

Similarly, there is a lot of AI development for the content writing field. In this article, we will discuss how artificial intelligence made content writing easier for writers. 

How does AI help content writers in doing their work? 

As a writer, you must be looking for shortcuts to complete your assigned writing tasks. Right? 

With artificial intelligence tools, you can do your writing tasks without worrying about them.  

There are plenty of AI writing tools that can benefit you in this regard. They allow you to complete the articles and assignments if you are facing a deadline.  

Let say you are using a paraphrasing tool; you can renew the content in just seconds or minutes depending on length by using online paraphrasers.  

Users can easily change the structure of the entire article without losing the actual meaning of the article. 

These online tools read the content deeply and change the words with their synonyms. This leads to make the new content different from the original one. 

Let’s discuss other developed artificial intelligence tools for content writing. 

1. Artificial intelligence-based tools to check uniqueness in your content 

The uniqueness element in writing is a major concern for content writers, and they are not often sure whether the content they wrote is entirely unique or not. 

Can you think of an effortless way of checking the uniqueness of content? Well, surely you don’t. 

But with the artificial intelligence tools, you can ensure the uniqueness of your content in just a blink of an eye.  

Bloggers often face the plagiarism factor in the content, so they can check for plagiarism using an AI tool and make the content unique for the readers. 

The only thing user has to do is upload the content in the online plagiarism checker, and the tool will start the checking process right after the user hits the button to initiate the process. 

This tool will detect the copied part present in the article. The chances of mistakes from these tools are very low.  

In the background, the plagiarism checkers have to perform a very large number of comparisons because on the internet, and there are millions and billions of data available. 

But on the user end, users don’t have to wait long. The AI tool compare every single line on the search engine and highlight the lines that are taken from other sources. 

2. Artificial Intelligence-based tools for content optimization 

Bloggers and writers can agree with the statement that SEO-optimized content is vital to rank on the search engine. 

In SEO-optimized content, there are multiple factors to consider. Starting with the SEO-friendly title and keywords, including both long-tail and the most searched keywords. 

Backlinks are also very crucial to gain maximum traffic to your blogging website. But the question is how AI helps writers and bloggers achieve content optimization? 

Some AI tools like Ahrefs and BuzzSumo help writers search targeted keywords that they should include in their content to rank on Google

These tools are built on a strong artificial intelligence algorithm. Thus, find out the best match keywords for bloggers that they can use in the article to boost the traffic. 

3. Artificial Intelligence-based tools to find all the hidden mistakes in your content 

Quality content should be free of all grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. While writing content, it becomes hard to find and removes mistakes manually. 

Even if you are a professional writer, there are chances that you will make mistakes in the content that will reduce the readability of the article. 

To ease writers with the hidden mistakes in their content, we can get help from grammar checkers.  

A tool like Grammarly helps writers in making their content free of all mistakes and improves readability. 

When you upload the content here, it detects spelling and punctuation mistakes. So, users can remove those lines and make the article free of errors. 

If the content is free of all grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, that means its readability is very good. 

And when a reader is happy with your blog or article, he will leave a good review and rating on your site, and eventually, your site will rank high on the search engine. 

4. Artificial Intelligence-based tools to summarize the content  

We always hear that the conclusion must be powerful if you want your readers to stop their search.  

Many writers fail to put their best while summarizing their content because they get tired of writing articles all day long and writing anything randomly in conclusion. 

This is where they make a huge mistake because most readers don’t bother reading an entire article. Readers prefer to read the conclusion and then decide whether or not to read a complete article. 

Suppose you are a writer and you are working in a very renowned software house, and today you are assigned a task of 4000 words. It is huge, right? 

You started researching the topic, and after completing the research, you begin writing. While writing, you have to take care of targeted keywords, content optimization. 

It is frustrating to work sitting on a desk for such long hours, and now you are about to conclude your writing. 

This means you have to include one last section of the conclusion in your content. Writing a conclusion mean you have to re-read the content to extract its main theme and key points. 

What if we can help you with all this effort? You can simply use an AI-based content summarizing tool like Text Summarizer. 

The summarizing tools will generate an accurate summary for your content according to your specified word limit. Isn’t it amazing? 

Writers just have to copy the content they wrote and paste it on the text summarizing tool.  

Instruct the tool about the word limit, like if you want a summary of 300 words, input the number. 

Hit the button you found on the tool, and you are good to go. The tool will generate the summary in a little time, and you can copy the generated summary and paste it into the conclusion section of the content. 


In this article, we have discussed how artificial intelligence help writers in writing quality and SEO-optimized content without putting in the extra effort. 

We have mentioned some amazing artificial intelligence-based tools to support writers in their content writing field.  

Writers and bloggers can get help from these online tools to boost traffic and keep their audience engaged. 

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