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What you need to know about the SEO company before concluding a contract, what issues should be discussed in advance, and what to look for?

A. Work experience.

Of course, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the work experience and the level of qualifications of the agency and its every employee. Why is this criterion so important? Search engine algorithms are rapidly improving and do not stand still. The search results in Google and Yandex are not the same as they were a few years ago. This is important to understand. After all, knowledge and possession of information about where the search giants are heading will help to choose the right benchmark and promote projects for the future and give results to Customers for the future, and not short-term effects.

B. Results and successful projects. 

Working for a long time does not mean quality. Even if you have been convinced that an SEO company has been operating in the market for 5 years, your next task is to demand facts confirming such a colossal experience. Who are the agency’s clients and what are the positions of their sites and traffic? How successfully and quickly do you manage to promote the site and bring it to the required positions of search engines? What budget does the company usually work with? Even a beginner can promote a project for money, but only a professional with perseverance, patience, and perseverance can deduce the site’s positions by natural and free methods.

C. The number of clients on an ongoing basis.

The agency must have rich experience and has been on the market for a long time. When an agency has a lot of orders, it is easier to find patterns affecting positions and is always on the wave of rapid changes in the SEO industry. But it is important to understand that a large number of customers must correspond to a large number of employees otherwise if this is violated. If there are many customer reviews, you can find reviews on the internet. You can poll the list of companies that were promoted by this agency, perhaps they have recommendations, if not, you can call yourself and ask if they are satisfied with the promotion or not, you can also check the positions of the sites being promoted on your own.

D. Reviews. 

And what about without them? You can study them on the company’s website, or ask for recommendations at your request from the agency’s clients. Do you know who the customers are? Fine. It’s even better if these are your friends who have recommended the company to you as an SEO contractor. If your friend managed to impress you with stories about the professionalism of the promoter company, it is better to check 100 times than to believe once. This can be done very simply – check the positions of your friend’s site, estimate the number of referring sites and daily traffic. Another important thing is the timing of promotion and achievement of results. When the information is collected, it is possible to draw appropriate conclusions in favor of, or, on the contrary, outside the interests of the affiliate and the much-praised SEO specialist.

E. Contract.

One of the most important issues is the conclusion of official relations with the company. Everything is simple here. The entire process of rendering a website promotion service must be documented, and the company itself must take the initiative, offering to conclude an agreement in accordance with all the rules. Business styles may vary from firm to firm, but the basic approach should be general. Documenting the relationship is one of them. Document requirements are essentially simple. The service contract must be written in understandable language. Its text should not contain ambiguous language. If you have the slightest doubt, ask for a change in the text so that you do not have any misunderstandings. If, instead of correcting the contract, company managers begin to explain to you what the wording means.

Lightning-fast access to the TOP of the search engine

This is the main trick that unwary site owners “fall for”. Remember! There is no quick exit to the top lines of search results unless we are talking about using black optimization methods like cloaking, swapping, doorway pages, and so on.


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