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The website development site is an indispensable attribute of any modern business, educational project, or promotion of personal abilities.

There are several main types of Internet sites:

  • Business cards
  • Internet shops
  • News portals
  • Corporate
  • Blogs

The most popular service is professional turn-key website development in one web studio. This allows you to fully control the process of creating a website, make adjustments in a timely manner, and, in addition to corporate guarantees, gives a significant discount for a complex order.

Of course, the development of sites could be carried out independently, even 10 years ago, but now, web technologies have stepped over the line of loners – amateurs, the success of a site depends only on a professional approach.

In order for the development of sites by the web studio “Master Flash” to be carried out successfully, a whole staff of employees works:

  • Project manager
  • Designer
  • Layout designer
  • Programmer
  • Seo optimizer
  • Copywriter

Features of website development

Today, there are several ways to create sites – search for a freelancer, a ready-made platform – a designer, a web studio.

Freelancer does not give any guarantees that the project will be brought to completion in an appropriate quality. Ready-made sites require constant financial investments, have a lot of inconvenience in management and are not the property of the client. A site created in the constructor may have problems with indexing by search engines.

The only real chance that the website will be created in accordance with all the rules is contacting a professional web studio.

Benefits of professional website development

The service for the production of turnkey websites is carried out mainly using a content management system or a framework. Sites developed in the studio “Master Flash” work under the control of the professional Zend Framework 3.

We place our clients’ sites on our server, thereby eliminating the need to order hosting, register a domain name for the owner of the resource, and also carry out SEO promotion of a new resource in search engines and social networks.

The client receives a full-fledged website that immediately begins to work for the result.

Modern web technologies are constantly being improved and become more technologically advanced and more complex. To create a site, you must have knowledge in several areas of site building:

  • Web page markup language (HTML)
  • The server-side language is usually PHP
  • JavaScript, AJAX, various frameworks for checking form validation and submitting data without reloading the page
  • CSS – style language
  • Filling the site with content


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