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Every business initiative sooner or later comes up against IT implementation. However, choosing an IT solution for business management is always challenging. This task is doubly difficult for rapidly growing companies. Nevertheless, the competitiveness of your company largely depends on the success of the choice.

Evaluation of solution options is a multi-criteria task since the specificity of each company is great. In addition, the situation in the IT solutions market is far from unambiguous, for some types of activities there are a number of standard solutions, for others – only products that locally automate individual operations or groups of operations in business processes.

The task of comparing, selecting, and integrating automation systems can be solved in a set of tasks for developing an IT strategy and forming an application architecture, as well as an independent project.

The aim of the work is to make a real choice of an IT solution that supports the company’s business tasks, satisfies the concept of IT development of the company, and meets its requirements in terms of cost and functionality.

The result of such work is the choice of a specific solution that best suits the requirements of the company and the concept of development of its information systems. In addition, as part of information technology audits, we receive information about the use of banking systems, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

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