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To be noticed in a huge market of competitors, you need to create a strong offer. How to do it?

Analyze your target audience.

Identify the “pains” of customers that will solve their problem, where to look for it, and what affects their choice when buying a product or service.

Analyze your competitors.

You are a mystery shopper, find out from your main competitors how they have a sale phase, what their offer looks like, what chips they use, what kind of wave they communicate on, etc. The main thing is to pay attention to the little things!

Search for benefits that can strengthen your own offer.

After analyzing the work of competitors, borrow from them all the best qualities, and transform them according to your business model.

Introduce new benefits.

If a marketer can be responsible for the first 3 points, then only the owner of the company can implement the latter. By receiving relevant information about competitors, you will strengthen your own product / service.

Important! Real competitive advantages should be embedded in the business model. They need to be assimilated and constantly implemented, consistent with a given level. 

You know your competitive advantages, you know your strengths, you have created a strong commercial offer, so now you can tell the whole world about it – namely, create a website! This is exactly the platform that best presents you in the market and leads the target audience!

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