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Every business sector requires a website to create a digital space for its products or services. The web development industry continues to evolve as the business’s demands continue to change every day.  To stay one step ahead, the web developers focus on the latest trends, technologies, and approaches to ensure the best service delivery.

Top Web Development Trends in 2021

There is always room for improvement. When it comes to tech-world, the trends keep on changing. In the web development industry, the champions always keep track of new web trends and technologies. The great web developers cannot afford to avoid providing services with antique tools.

Hence, enterprises understand the importance of digital presence and hire a web developer who has up-to-date skills and knowledge. To save your time and help your business grow, we have gathered some of the top trends in 2021.

1.      Voice Search

Voice search is the hottest web development trend of this era. Smartphones are already equipped with digital voice assistants (Siri for iPhones, Google Assistant for Android phones). However, the sole purpose behind the shift towards a voice interface is the ease of technology use.

This new trend has transformed the searchability of users on Google and other search engines. As a result, the developers are also incorporating the voice search trend in e-commerce.

2.      Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the top web development trends. The tech experts have to follow the customer-centric approach to gain a competitive edge and increase profitability. AI helps web developers by offering advanced UX features to enhance the user experience on sites.

According to Gartner’s report, Artificial Intelligence based chatbots will cater to more than 80% of customer interactions.

3.      Web Assembly

This latest trend makes web applications more powerful. The execution of web assembly is critical for search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience. The performance of web assembly does not depend on specific programming languages or platforms. It improves the web site’s performance by executing code faster than JavaScript.  

4.      Motion Design UI

Motion Design UI is one of those leading trends that help develop highly engaging web apps, pages, and eye-catching graphics. This technology provides sophisticated designs for your website. Furthermore, it increases user engagement and provides better UX/UI to web application users.

5.      Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is the leading trend of 2021. The primary purpose of building PWA is to develop a UX / UI that emphasizes user experience. This application software is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and provided through the web. The functions of PWA contain features of the native app, such as push notifications and offline support. Therefore, it is convenient to engage and re-engage with users with the help of PWAs.

Best web development services in Florida

The industry analyst ranked the best web development companies in Florida. These companies provide web development services to design and develop websites that cater to your business needs. Let’s have a brief overview of these web development companies.

  1. Unified Info Tech: Unified Info Tech is a web development company working with small and medium enterprises globally. The company has nearly 300 employees and works at $25 – $49 per hour.
  2. Cubix: It is one of the best web development agencies in Florida. Cubix has over eight years of experience with almost 300 employees.
  3. A3logics: A3 logics is a web development company based in Florida. It has gained a reputation through providing top-notch quality services and critical solutions.
  4. 7EDGE: Web development is the crucial strength of 7edge. The company contains more than ten years experience in providing services for Enterprises in the USA, UK, and UAE.
  5. Power code: The developers at power code are famous for providing the best digital experience across the region. With nearly 300 employees, it aims at providing unique web development solutions to the world’s top-class businesses.

Web Development Industry Statistics

The web development industry keeps growing at a fast pace. The statistics of growth in web development show the thirst of businesses for developing a digital space. According to a techjury report, there are almost 1.58 billion active websites globally. However, the number of internet users has gone up to 4.45 billion worldwide.

The audience prefers to read engaging content. Moreover, nearly 90% of users are active on multiple screens consecutively. There is 70% traffic of mobile devices. The website design has a 75% influence on the website’s credibility. The industry while studying customer psychology has suggested that customer takes only 15 seconds to decide about a purchase.

The businesses after this unforeseen covid-19 situation greatly depend upon websites. An attractive digital space increases sales, revenues and enhances credibility. The web development agencies that provide the best user experience stay one step ahead in the market.

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