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Businesses cannot operate without keeping pace with new software developments in today’s world. App development companies provide solutions to businesses to eliminate any irregular processes and improve efficiency at all operational levels. App development is developing a program to perform different tasks as per a business’s requirements. From calculating monthly expenses, seeking medical assistance, and creating annual sales reports, app development has helped companies and ordinary users handle problems.   

Every application has a different name but serves similar purposes. The app development companies work under various capacities and offer services according to their expertise, such as custom application development, Rapid Application Development Low-Code Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Database application development, Enterprise Application Development, and Web Application Development. Every app development process gathers the required information, designing prototypes, testing, implementation, and integration.

How much an App Development costs?

The pricing and cost depend on the complexity of an app, whether the app is to be used on iOS or Android systems, either the software is native or hybrid, and the selection of App Development Company is also an essential factor.

As per the recent estimation, the cost ranges from $3000 to $150,000.  These costs differ from country to country. In Pakistan, the hourly rate ranges from $10 to $70, whereas it ranges from $60 to $120 per hour in the United States.

Selection of App Development Company

Before choosing the app development agency for your business requirements, you must evaluate their previous projects. It is wise to check an app development company’s portfolio to give you an insight into the services it provides. The agency with prior experience in your industry will prove to be beneficial in tackling the shared challenges. The reviews and recommendations from peers in the same sector can become a valuable resource in the selection process.

Best app development companies

The app development industry has reached maturity level in the developmental life cycle. The number of app development agencies has increased; however, few of them manage to create space in the list of leading app development companies. These companies provide wide-ranging app development services involving mobile app development (iOS, Android, and Windows app development), IoT app development, web app development, wearable app development, BlockChain, and several other applications. Let’s have a brief overview of these app development agencies/companies:

  • FUELED: FUELED is USA based app Development Company. They provide practical and profitable applications to clients from small and medium enterprises to large-scale businesses. They have worked for MGM Resorts International, RITE and Pharmacy, CRUNCHIEBASE, VERIZONE, BARNEYS NEWYORK, and AFTERLIGHT. The applications FUELED have developed for these businesses have helped them boost up their sales. The superior services offered by FUELED include mobile application development, UX/UI design, and BlockChain.
  • STRV: Based in Los Angeles, CA, this app development agency provides mobile app development, custom app development, UX/UI, and other digital services. They work for prestigious clients like The Athletic, AIFI Technologies, Microsoft Azure DEVOPS, and RICH UNCLES web designs.
  • ARCTOUCH: Arc Touch has provided over 400 applications to different businesses. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, it is providing remarkable software experiences. They mainly offer mobile app development services to large enterprises in the media, entertainment, and consumer products industries. HAWAIIAN Airlines, 3M, Audi, NBC, and PayPal are the major clients of ArcTouch.
  • DROIDS ON ROIDS: Droids on Roids have helped many companies expand their brand’s ability to attract the target audience. It is a Poland-based app development agency. They have worked on several notable projects with enterprises like Giphy and VeePee. Droids on Roids’ primary services are mobile app development and custom software development. Their projects include IN10- an event app made in Flutter, HoneyBee- PayDay loan app, CCC shoes and bags mobile app, and MAKANI My Place.
  • MIQUIDO: Headquartered in Poland, this app development agency has worked on significant projects for enterprises and startups. Miquido mainly provides services in mobile app development, web development, and Artificial Intelligence. Sky Scanner, Herbalife, and TUI are some of the major clients.
  • TECHAHEAD: This California-based agency has helped companies to maintain their online presence through mobile applications. Other than the mobile app and web app development services, it also provides IoT development services.
  • FIVE: FIVE is located in New York, USA. FIVE has worked with major brands such as Marriot and Napster to develop their core mobile products and strategies to expand their business. Its portfolio consists of UX/UI designs and mobile app development in the hospitality and entertainment industry.

The app development agencies have been in demand for the past few years. Every year the new trend pops in, and the firms which adapt to new technologies stay in business. In Pakistan, the software development industry has paced up.  Elexoft Technologies, Focustek, Digitizal, and UHF solutions are among the leading companies providing app development services and contributing to the industry’s generation of revenues.

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