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After Covid-19, the business world’s strategy has changed altogether. From small firms to established enterprises, it has become imperative to embrace digital conversion. After shifting operations to a virtual workplace, businesses spend more on custom software solutions to ensure smooth processes. Companies have been using commercial off-the-shelf software; however, every business has its requirements and requires a customized solution. Custom Software Development in dubai is designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining the software used by a specific set of users or organizations.

In comparing commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), Custom software development caters to the intently defined set of requirements. COTS is pre-packaged and commercially available and distributed, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. This software adheres to generalized office needs. Contrarily Custom Software development is designed as per the client’s given specifications, for example, an online banking app designed exclusively to meet the requirements of banks and their customers. The custom software is either developed by in-house software development teams or outsourced to a third party. Custom software development help businesses to gain a competitive edge and to survive in today’s unpredictable market. Opting for custom software development services is the best way to keep your business’s security and confidentiality intact.

How to choose Custom Software Development Services?

The distinctive online presence will give your business a competitive edge over others. The proper selection of custom software development services that match your business requirements must have a significant presence on various online platforms.

Let’s discuss essential tips to make the best choice for your Enterprise:

  1. Know your Business Requirements: To find the best custom software development services, you must know your business requirements. You must have sound knowledge of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and market preferences. 
  2. Referrals: It is best to consider the recommendations. Seek information from your peers and associates, and stay connected with people who can give you an accurate idea about the development company.
  3. Check their Portfolio: The software Development Company portfolio will help you know about the services it provides. You will have clarity about the quality and methodology of the deliverables they use to create software.
  4. Budgeting: Financial planning is essential; the estimated costs of developing a custom software must add up to your gain.
  5. Understanding of Software Technology: You must be familiar with the software technology they use to develop software. It will help you to decide either the technology in use would be capable of building the desired software or not.
  6. Keeping the Timeline in Mind: The proposed time must match your business progression. To developing a high-end software solution, there should be enough time for every stage functionality.
  7. Standard Operating Procedures: It will be helpful if you draw standard operating procedures on mutual consent with a custom software Development Company that you are willing to hire.
  8.  Personalization of the User Experience:  The user experience should be of high priority while developing software.

Best custom software development in Dubai

There are four mainly used methodologies and approaches that software Development companies should use. These methodologies include Agile, DevOps, waterfall, and rapid application. Hiring a software development company is a critical job; you must know your requirements, look at the portfolios, gain information from previous clients, and learn about the methodologies that software development companies use.  It is essential to discuss the project’s needs, timeline, and budget beforehand to clarify both ends.

If your business is based in Dubai, you are fortunate because you can find some of the best custom software development agencies. To know the best match for your business, evaluate the case studies, read the client reviews and project natures. Let’s discuss a few of those development companies.

  • CYBER INFRASTRUCTURE INC : This development company has previously provided the best custom software development services for British Telecom, Bell Canada, and some other enterprise clients around the globe.
  • IIH Global: IIH is one of the best companies to provide custom software related to web development and mobile app development services to its clients. The few main projects involve BROKENIOT, JOBVUX, and DRPALIN.
  • ZOONDIA: To avail custom software development service in Dubai, Zoondia is one of the best options. Their major clients include the Government of Dubai, SAP, ShiftMD, 3M, and Emirates. They provide customized, creative, and budget-friendly software solutions to their clients.
  • BRANEX LLC: If you want to build a custom platform to improve your processes or an app for your competitive product, Branex will provide you bespoke solutions. Its main clients involve Federal Authority for Identity and citizenship, ISUZU, meyDan, MERAAS.
  • HENOTE TECHNOLOGIES: Custom software development is HENOTE’s expertise. They have provided custom solutions to enterprises like Bahrain Airport Company and Reganalds.
  • AMDARIS: This Company aims at empowering businesses with its custom software development agencies. Their impressive clients list includes NKODA and Northstar. They use detailed and established agile methodology.
  • SIMPLEX HIMES: SIMPLEX HIMES focuses on providing design-centric methods to custom software development for their clients. It offers custom solutions in the medical sector, including a clinic management system.

These software development companies are famous for their best services in Dubai. They have a trusted relationship with the world’s best brands. We have some known software development companies in Pakistan who are experts in providing custom solutions, such as Elexoft Technologies, Converge Enterprise Solutions and the Right Software Pvt Ltd.

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