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Proxies have become increasingly popular in the eCommerce industry recently. Many businesses are using them to boost their online sales and tap into new markets. If you prefer to purchase items online, there’s a high chance that you interact with proxies regularly.

Most businesses buy cheap private proxies for two significant reasons. The first reason is for SEO monitoring to ensure that they stay ahead of their competitors. Second is website testing to check if it meets user needs and ranks high on search engines like Google.

But then, there’s more to understand about how proxies work. You should know the role they play in helping businesses test websites and monitor their SEO efforts. Well, this is what this article will talk about. It will take a deeper look at proxies and how they can benefit businesses.

Let’s get started.

1. Creating An Accurate Website Testing Environment

Website testing requires the tester to be in the user’s ideal environment. Otherwise, knowing the experience that users will have with your website won’t be possible. A cheap proxy server can help you create the perfect website testing environment you need with the best accuracy.

But then, you need to know how to set up the proxy server correctly to create the environment you need. For instance, you should ensure that there are correct device fingerprints. Also, have the geo-located IP type to make creating the ideal website testing environment effortless. 

In the end, a proxy will make your website analysis effective. Its accuracy, ease of use and convenience, will help make website testing smooth and rewarding. That’s one of the main reasons to invest in a cheap proxy server as a website owner and business.

2. Keyword Research

SEO monitoring is vital for business competitiveness. SEO monitoring with proxy has become one of the best ways to ensure websites rank well on search engines. Today, you can use a cheap shared proxy to research the keywords that can help you climb the SERPs rankings.

Remember, you need to check through competitor websites using a web scraping tool to find these keywords. And, most websites have bots that prevent web scrapers from scanning their websites. A cheap private proxy can help you change your IP address when researching.

The proxy will use a different IP address for every request sent to a website. That way, bots won’t flag you for scraping or end up blocking your IP address. You’ll find it easier to find the keywords that can help you rank higher on search engines.

With the right set of keywords, taking your website to higher levels will be easier. You’ll find it easy to optimize the website for the intended audience and increase its online visibility. That could result in more traffic and higher conversions.

3. Competitor Monitoring

Every business aims to outrank its competitors on search engines to attract more traffic and sales. And monitoring the footsteps of your competitors can help you achieve this more effortlessly. You can do this by using a cheap proxy server to check your competitor’s marketing strategy.

That will help you tweak your strategy to be better than theirs. From there, outranking them on search engines will be a seamless task. For instance, a proxy server can help you keep an eye on the kind of content that your competitor creates and their posting schedule.

Also, you can check their products and services pricing models. That will give you a better view of the aspects of your business that you’ll need to improve to outrank them on search engines. It will also enhance your content reach and user satisfaction, eventually impacting your profitability.

All these won’t be easy if you do not have a proxy deployed on your network. Clicking on a website several times may lead to bans from accessing it in the future using your IP address. Once you connect to a proxy, you become anonymous and your connection private.

4. Website Testing in Different Geo Locations

Source: Pixabay

People from different locations can have varying experiences with the same website. But then, you should ensure that your website works efficiently anywhere across the globe. The best way to ensure that is by testing your website in every location where users may be.

However, traveling to test a website isn’t feasible or even economical. That’s why technology tools like proxies exist. They make it possible to test a website in various locations but from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is buy a cheap shared proxy server from the target location.

Alternatively, you can buy a cheap proxy server that allows you to switch locations. This is vital because your IP address during testing should match the target geo-location. A proxy server that will enable you to change from a location to another will help you test your website in multiple locations more efficiently.

Using a proxy server to test a website in various locations saves you time and money. With this tool, there’s no need to travel across borders or continents to try websites. All you need is the right proxy tool and an internet connection in your home or office.


A cheap proxy server is vital for every type of business today. It is the best tool to use if looking to test your website or monitor your SEO efforts. Optimizing your website to ensure it ranks on the first page of search engines can be tricky without a cheap proxy server.

This tool will help you create an accurate website testing environment. You can also use a proxy server to test your website in different locations. It will help you know the experiences of users in various geo-locations. It will also help you boost keyword research and competition monitoring.

The bottom line is that cheap private proxies are worth buying for your business. It would be best to automate certain aspects of your business, like website testing and SEO monitoring. This will help you create time that you can use for improving business aspects that you can’t automate.

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