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  Along with increasing information technology, IT software company is trending these days. If you are looking for the best IT software company, then you are in right place.

 As we are here going to discuss best IT software company. In this advance and modern era, new and new software are released each day. Further, this software is used in everyday life and provides ease while performing different tasks.

An IT software company not only manufactures software products but also helps in the development of different software’s. To sum up, an IT software company participates in the production of the software industry.

Now, you have a basic idea of a software development company we can start discussing the best software development company. Although there is a long list for our ease, we will discuss only the top 9 best software IT company.

Let’s start by discussing each IT software company in the USA and further discuss each one in detail.

MICROSOFT CORP (MSFT):                                                           

Microsoft is the largest software development company in the world. Further, its founders are Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

Moreover, it not only provides a variety of software’s but it also provides services. Meanwhile, Microsoft Office Suite provides desktop processing services for individuals as well as for companies.


REDWOOD SHORES, CA – JUNE 19: The Oracle logo is displayed on the exterior of the Oracle headquarters on June 19, 2014 in Redwood Shores, California. Oracle will report fourth quarter earnings today after the closing bell. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

 Oracle provides management software for PCs, workstations, network computers, and many other devices. Moreover, oracle also provides cloud technology infrastructure and related services.

 Besides, its products are used in a variety of aspects such as sales, marketing, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, and a whole lot of things are included.



Adobe Systems has a wide variety of software for management that can be used on a large variety of systems. In short, they can be easily accessed by all users. 

Meanwhile, adobe systems are famous for their Acrobat Reader products. Above all, all these services make Adobe systems a top IT software company in the USA.


 It provides enterprise cloud computing and social enterprise software. All services are available through browsers, apps, and mobile devices as well. 

Moreover, its major focus is on customer services, automation of marketing, analytics, and app development. Also, it’s the world’s no 1 CRM i.e., customer relationship management platforms.

International Business Machines Corp (IBM):                                                 

 Meanwhile, IBM is the oldest IT software company in the USA and it has five divisions of services. It is divided into global technology services, business services, software systems, and financing globally. 

However, it is the oldest and the top IT software company in the USA. Also, you can have trials of their products as well as several offers along. Moreover, this is one of the efficient ways to acquire AI for your business.

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ):       


 It provides software solutions, technologies as well as services for individuals and companies. Moreover, it provides financial flexibility, secure remote connectivity, and solution that are ready to help.

Fiserv (FISV):

  It is also a software company that serves financial services. Fiserv includes a variety of clients such as banks, credit unions, securities broker-dealer, leasing, and financing as well. 

Moreover, it is a global provider. Besides, it also provides account processing and digital banking solutions. Its founders are Leslie Muma and George Dalton. Moreover, its headquarters are in Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States.

Intuit Corp (INTU): 

 It is a software as well as a solution provider not only for business but all financial sides. Further, its major clients are small businesses, financial institutions and professionals, and individuals.

Besides, they state that they help in powering prosperity around the world. Moreover, their products also power prosperity. Further, you can overview their products as they are listed on their website.

ServiceNow (NOW):

 It provides digital solutions for companies to manage their customer, employees, and IT workflow. Moreover, ServiceNow exactly knows that digital workflows work as building blocks that employees nowadays want and customers expect. 

Further, you can modernize your operation with these services to increase productivity and optimize cost.

 Also, they provide a variety of solutions to help you manage your workflow. Besides, you can try a free demo from their website.
 In conclusion, we have discussed the top 9 software companies in the USA. Also, a brief detail of these companies and what they offer for their clients.

Now, you must be well aware of what a software company is and what are the best software companies in the USA. As with increasing IT the demand for software companies has increased. 

Moreover, you can generate higher revenue with software companies as compared to others. Because in this modern world number of users of IT are increasing day by day.

 Above all, these software’s are becoming need of people instead of want only. Moreover, opening a software company is a great idea if you have knowledge and experience in this field.

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