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The business was relatively easy previously, as it was dependent on one-to-one connection without any specified processes. Over time, the incoming complexities made it difficult. Due to changing business trends and new trends and technologies, the companies had to adapt to new approaches. The change in the business manifesto from product empathetic to customer empathetic became the reason for the origination of Customer Relationship Management.

The concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) came into existence in the 1970s. CRM means combining business strategies, software, tools, and methodologies to help build a relationship between the company and its clientele. This is the most professional approach to make and retain your customers. The CRM software helps integrate the complete customer relationship cycle by devising marketing strategies, automation sales, best customer service, and technical support.

CRM as a Technology

CRM holds a significant position in today’s business world. CRM software helps businesses automate their processes, procedures, and operations, allowing them to implement the business strategy. CRM software reduces the risk of human errors while working with customers and maintains transparency in sales, marketing, and customer services dealings.

Top CRM Software of 2021

The businesses are bound to meet their customer’s requirements on their terms. The proper selection of Customer Relationship Management Software will help you to retain your customer and enhance the team’s productivity. To help you find the best CRM software for your business, we have prepared a list of the top CRM software for 2021. Let’s have a brief overview:

  • Zoho CRM: Regardless of the team members, Zoho CRM provides reasonable plans that will scale up your business. Zoho’s app is easy to use. It includes one of the best reporting features of all CRMs. The earlier prepared reports of sales, desk and projects can be configured to show the range of views. The cost of Zoho’s services varies from 7$ per month/ user to 50$ per month/ user for CRM plus.
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud: It is the best software for companies that requires a flexible CRM. Salesforce Sales Cloud offers endless options to create a bespoke Customer Relationship Management platform. The price starts from $75/ month for a single user.
  • Bitrix24: Bitrix24 is the best software for multi-channel communication. This application delivers complete CRM, market mechanization, project management, web designing competencies, and many other communication opportunities. Bitrix is free if you have unlimited users. However, the paid plans start from $16.80 / month for two users.
  • Pipedrive: The Pipedrive is a wise option for user-friendly sales-based CRM. It aims at boosting up your sales, and this platform provides adequate flexibility. It allows you to sync your Outlook or Google Calendar to manage your meeting availability and sending a link to your contacts. The price starts from $12.50 / month/user.
  • Ontraport: This software is famous for automating online transactions. If you have an e-commerce business, Ontraport will provide you plenty of features, which will integrate the complete customer experience from marketing to sales transactions, cross-selling, and coupon codes. It gives the option of post-sale follow-up as well. The price starts from $79/ month/ user.
  • Nimble: Nimble is used to keep the sales team organized and efficient with the help of its prospector engine, contact action lists, and social tracking feature. The price starts from $19/ month/ user with 25 prospector credits per month.
  • Nutshell: Nutshell is the best software for sales management CRM. The highly customized features make it easier for sales managers and their agents and increase productivity. The price starts from $19 / month per user.
  • NetHunt CRM: This is the best software for Gmail power users. Net hunt CRM is designed mainly for Gmail, which means you can manage your contacts, tasks, meetings, and email campaigns from your inbox. The price starts from $24 / month/ per user.

The Customer Relationship Management system is beneficial for almost every department or unit of an organization, such as Human Resources, Marketing and Sales, customer services, and business development. The primary purpose is to store all the customer information in a unified space. Besides providing easy access to data, it is convenient for users to collude on different routes and upsurge productivity. 

It would be unfair to consider the CRM system merely a tool to maintain and track contact information. The primary function of the CRM system remains the same; however, companies can take advantage by adding on different integrated features. In 2021, companies are remotely operating, and businesses have a head-to-head competition to maintain an online presence. A well-crafted customer relationship management platform can give you a competitive edge over other organizations. The automation of every process will help your business grow and make it free from human error.

The primary and utmost goal of CRM is to support strong, loyal, and productive relationships with your customers.

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